Monday, May 11, 2009

Regan May 11.2009

This past week has been really great and we have been able to see how committed our 3 candidates for baptism and how they are progressing to that.

Oh and I did Find out that We are both staying here in Crestview for another Transfer which brings me much joy because I will be able to work with Misty's family all the way to baptism and after. I am so grateful for the Lord granting me this opportunity to serve him in a place full of Love.

This past week we taught Misty's family quite a bit. We are trying to keep the Momentum rolling forward.

We had the opportunity on Monday to get caught in the rain. We stopped at a part-members house to get out of the rain for a bit. His wife was feeling ill and asked us to giver her a blessing. It was a great moment because it continues to open the door for when she is willing to allow us to teach her.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and it went well. It started a little bit late because Elder Gudmundson was getting his cast off but all went well and we were all uplifted and edified.

On Wednesday we went to Misty's house and were able to bring out the whole family to activities. Masen, Mary, Kevin, and Joey all came to the combined activity and enjoyed water balloon volleyball. We introduced Misty to Bishop Hamm and they talked for a few minutes.
On Thursday we planned our day and had a good companionship inventory. We later went and had dinner at a less active members house and it went real well. I feel that very soon we will possibly be able to get Brother Monte back to church.

On Friday we went over to Misty's house and taught her and answered questions she had before all the kids got home. We then talked with the kids and taught them a bit and were still focusing on coming to church with them.

On Saturday we talked with allot of members and offering service as we came over. We talked to quite a few families and it was great.

On Sunday we had Kevin and Joey at church with us. It was great to see how committed they are to being baptized and their desires turning into actions.

The District is doing really well. We have been able to teach those around us and bless their lives. I know that through the Obedience that we are all striving to have as a district that we will grow more spiritually stronger and will be more prepared servants in finding those who are prepared for this glorious message.

It was great being able to talk to allot of you Yesterday for Mothers Day. Thank you for the Love and Support that you shared with me. Thank you for all of your prayers and your continued LOVE.


Elder Regan Hansen

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