Monday, May 18, 2009

Regan May 18, 2009

This week is going to be really short. We have received an online survey that we have taken part in. The church is having us evaluate ourselves with how we have been using Preach My Gospel and everything in there that applies.

This week has really had some crazy experiences go down. The week started of as normal as any other week. We found a new investigator tracting and had transfers...luckily I get to stay...
On Wednesday we had a Member Lesson with Jeff and Kira. We helped the Cooksey's with some moving because Sis. Cooksey is pregnant and due in August so she is not supposed to do lifting. They had all new carpet put in and we moved everything back. Jeff and Kira helped and then looked in a book full of pictures of The Cooksey's wedding. It was if they mesmerized Kira's eyes right onto them and I could tell that she ultimately has a desire to have that also in her life.

We helped a new family move in this week. They are a part member family but the husband is not very interested at the moment. It was great to help them and hopefully it will open a few doors for us.

We found out that Kevin and Joey's dad went really anti and was telling Misty that she was forcing her kids to listen to the message that we have. So we are not to sure when we talk to them next if they are still planning on getting baptized. I know that the lord provides a way for us to help those we teach, just as he helped Nephi with a way to receive the Brass Plates. We gave Misty a blessing yesterday and it really helped her. She has full custody of her children so I am not sure how often they will be allowed to visit their dad anymore.

Through prayer I have been able to find a comfort of Peace with all of this happening. In one way or another the Lord has provided a way we just don't know when that way will appear. I have a peace that everything will be fine and his is watching with Love very Carefully.

Love You all

Elder Regan Hansen
I have some pics today.

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