Monday, June 8, 2009

Regan June 8, 2009

This past week will be one of the most memorable weeks I have had so far in my life.

On Monday we were able to teach Misty about the Plan of Salvation again. She has so many new questions each and every time that we go over to her house that it is truly a blessing in disguise. We had dinner with members that night and shared a great experience with them and there family.

Tuesday we planned allot for what we could do with Joey to continue his progress and discussed some of the planning of the baptism. We went and talked with him and his family and set up everything for the baptism on Saturday. We discussed the interview questions with Joey and continued to help his progress to be baptized. We had ward council that evening and we are seeing miracles in all the service that the ward members are performing in the work.

Wednesday it was thundering and lighting quite a bit. So we decided to do a little bit of planning and try to set up appointments with many of our past investigators. We didn't have to much luck contacting them but we were able to talk with Marty and set up an appointment for Thursday.

Thursday read 3 Nephi 11 with Marty and it went so great. We are beginning to help him build his foundation upon daily prayer and study. We left him with the remaining chapters of Christ's visit to the America's. We had Joey's baptismal interview which went smashing great. He has been progressing each and everyday and will continue to do so.

Friday we went and taught Maeson the Plan of Salvation and answered many questions that she had thought of that had her confused. We answered all of those questions and the spirit was there very strongly. We stopped by and set up and appointment with Michael and will be talking with his whole family. Tons of great potential.

Saturday was a great day. To start it all of with Elder Bednar and Elder Richards was great. The Revelatory experience was the most amazing but personal setting that I have been in. The spirit was so immense and all of my questions were answered through the spirit without even asking the questions. We then came back and prepared everything for Joey's Baptism. His family was there with support and there was such a great member turnout that I was truly humbled by all of their love and support.

Sunday we were getting adjusted with the news of taking over all of Crestview into one big area. I don't feel overwhelmed at all because I know that as we go out and fulfill our responsibilities with diligence and exercise our faith through action that there is a way already prepared for us to accomplish all that he asks of us. We found out that one of the sisters was going home because she has had some medical problems. We now have a car which is nice but we are going to utilize the bikes as much as possible to save as many miles as we can until we really have to use them. We will now be covering 2 wards and 2 branches. It is going to be crazy but I am totally excited because now we will never see and ounce of spare time and be busy as ever.

Love You All

Elder Regan Hansen

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