Monday, June 22, 2009

Regan June 22, 2009

This Past week went well and we saw many of our opportunities work out even better than we had planned.

On Monday We tried to visit Cassie but she wasn't home so we will have to see how to get in contact with her. We went with President Miller and his wife to Paxton for a social and it went well. We were able to get appointments with Ron Fellins and his family for tonight and Also Sheila Parker for tomorrow night.

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting in the direction that you showed us. My direction of teaching has changed to really focus heavily on simplicity and the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. We went over to Misty's that afternoon and found out a few things that will help us better our situation with Kevin. It has been hard to teach him but we have found the route of that problem.

On Wednesday we tracted almost all day taking a few breaks in between because the weather being over 100 degrees we had to fill up our water quite rapidly. We had dinner with some less active members and that went well. We are going to set up some appointments to teach them about the gospel because it has been a long time since they have understood all basic principles. We taught Candy after and also her two kids Marquissa and Jay. We were able to teach the Restoration with them and they enjoyed what we had to over and desire to hear more of the message.

On Thursday we went and talked with Gloria Clark. Even after a year of no contact she is not ready to except the gospel. We did not get a great spirit as we were there and will not be returning very soon. We taught Marty that day by reading parts of 3 Nephi. He has been progressing real well and keeping his reading commitments. We will be getting the Addiction Recovery workbook for him to help him overcome his battle with smoking.

On Friday we did the majority of our planning because of Thursday being so busy. We didn't have to much success with getting appointments sent up everywhere but we confirmed the ones we had in Paxton and coordinated our rides to get there. We taught Brother Despain about how to receive answers to our prayers and showed him examples of how different prophets pray with faith and their examples. It went real well but I am not sure that he is really willing to let the message carry into his heart. We talked with Sister Woodard who is a less active member who is striving to get work off so she can come to church. We taught her the first principles and ordinances of the gospel and it went well.

On Saturday we decided we would start early in the day tracting to try and stay out of the heat. It didn't pan out as well as we would of hoped but we just kept on knocking. We found Ecko and she is really interested and we will be following up with her here in the next few days. We went and had a great lesson with Misty about some of the church history and she thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Gospel as it was restored. Her testimony continues to get stronger and stronger each and everyday.

On Sunday we had great success with investigators coming in both wards and the branches. We were able to have some great gospel principles classes with Misty and also the Phillips family who we will be teaching this Friday. They are a young couple who have been discussing the gospel for a long time now. She is a member and as they traveled to Utah to meet her family he was inspired by how the church was and the format of it work. He believes that Joseph Smith Truly was called to restore the gospel.

I am also grateful for the Knowledge that I have been able to receive through the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost. What a magnificent gift that our Heavenly Father has so dearly allowed us access to receive in our lives. I know that through the spirit we can all be directed to perform those righteous desires that our Heavenly Father has for us and to put them to action through our Faith.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Oh and I did find out transfers today and I will be staying in Crestview for another 6 weeks and will be have 2 new companions come in. I have never met them but I am sure that they are some great missionaries.

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