Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008 Gulf Breeze

This past week by far has been my biggest struggle of my mission. But I wouldn't look at in any other way than being a blessing that has now strengthen me in so many ways. With Transfers to Gulf Breeze it was just like I was once again coming right out of the gates. I found out later that day that I am in a Bike Area.

The mission has about 17 of these area's and I am now lucky enough to be in one. My new companion is Elder Spencer Pond from Seattle. He thinks that he recognizes my cousin Elder Deven Downey's name but I will have to see. He is actually from Bellevue right outside of there. I have been strengthened so much in this week by primarily prayer and using the power of the Atonement. As we all know we can't expect thing to adjust to what we want them to so we must adjust.

I have used the enabling power of the Atonement to adjust to my new area and the new circumstances that I have been put in. I can say that the enabling power is just on of those blessings and miracles that keep us going. I never could of traveled over 27 miles in my first full day here without that power. I have seen now how much my body has now adapted and how much more it will continue to adapt. I know that through that power of the atonement that we can receive those blessings and those changes that come through it by faith and knowing he will continue to carry our burdens. Through these changes I have been able to go and find those who are searching for that true gospel and that true light that we all have.

I know that if we all pray for the strength to adapt to those things that are hard for us or even challenging that with our faith in Jesus Christ that he will enable us and carry us through those things of which stand in our way.

Love You all and Thank you for the Support

Elder Regan Hansen

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