Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am Now in East london

hello family
I am just wondering if everyone is doing alright, Well we flew out on Tuesday morning and made it to Cape Town on Wednesday the 8 of us elders from the MTC spent the night at the mission home and the next morning I flew to my first transfer in East London my companions name is Elder Sheasby he's from Johannesburg South Africa he is a very good missionary and I look up to him as a trainer and the missionary he is. He knows how to work hard and hes very smart as well. He is white and basically one the British accent people. In our district there is the four of us Elder Fausett from castle dale and his companion Elder Dishon from Kenya and then me and Elder Sheasby. we are the 1st ward here in Beacon Bay East London. I really enjoy it out here with the first week we've meet lots of people and I was able to spend my first sacrament at the ward last Sunday. there was like only 40 people there and the main work is getting less actives back to church since the church is kind of far away from the area. It is really hot here and the wind is blowing all the time, it also rains alot here I think it has rained just about everyday here since I got here. My p days are on Mondays. I want to send some Christmas to you through a package I talked to an elder here and he is sending one that would cost about 400 rand so about 40 dollars so I don't think its to bad. The allowance they give us here on the mission is 400 rand every two weeks, so its not very much money we live off of, just enough to get some food. Mom I love you and want to tell you I miss your food I have had some really nasty food here and its just gotten worse since we came out here to East London but I'm slowly getting used to it. The Cape Town mission is a huge mission and there are about 150 missionaries out and theres about 16 in the country of Namibia. well every things going alright I hope to here from you soon.
Elder T Hansen.

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