Monday, February 15, 2010

Tyler Feb 15 2010

Hello family,
Happy valentines day yesterday, it just felt like another day.
This week has been pretty good, I received some pictures that you sent today I received 7 of them. I sent some pictures of some of Johns paintings, He has some pretty good paintings and he is trying to sell enough of them so that he can get enough money so that he can go to interpret for the conference in April. He said it costs about 1600 us dollars for his plane tickets so he is going to be really busy painting for the next month or so. I think I might get a small one from him to help him out a little bit.
Well this last Saturday Ndepewa and Heaven and Tendai from the other area was baptized into the church. It was cool to see their excitement and It would be really cool to see Ndepewa go on a mission in the future sometime. This past Sunday Inonge and Ntelamo spoke in the branch and there was supposed to be a third speaker but they took up all of the time and Jerry wasn’t able to speak but just bear his testimony. It was neat to see how well they presented themselves even though they were just baptized last month. We hope to have a few more baptisms on the 27 of March but we'll see what happens. We have been working extensively with the branch and we have had great support from them in the missionary work on of the best functioning unit I have ever been in. Well this one is going to short but enjoy the pictures.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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