Monday, February 15, 2010

Tyler Feb 1, 2010

Hello family,
Thanks for the emails. That is really cool that there is a temple being built in Payson. That is one thing I miss is being able to go there. This week has been pretty good. My companion Elder Probst has some bad rashes on his legs and none of the doctors now really what it is. He started off in Mozambique but moved here because of health reasons in his apendex but from most of the doctors that he has talked to they believe it is a bad allergic reaction. He said that he has had the rash since he was in Mozambique and he has been out for over a year. Sister Ruth will take care of it though, she is a champion. I was wondering when John was coming home, I knew that some one from Nigeria would never come home if they went to the states. But it is good to hear that he wasn’t banished somewhere. I received your guys Christmas letter so thanks for that. Well we hope to have 9 baptisms so far this month in Windhoek for the district. I am a little worried about a few of them though. Ndepewa Nepaya who is 23 we encouraged her to tell her mom about being baptized on the 13th but her mom was really to supportive. I wish we could have missionaries go and teach her in the north but it would be nice to explain to her what we believe. We talked to the branch president Charles and he basically said to be patient because his father would not let him be baptized for 4 years so we will do our best. I don’t know about these Oshi Vombo girls. We have been also teaching Ndepewas cousin Jackobine and on my exchange with the zone leaders she said to Elder Shegena and I, she wanted to marry me, so she is one to look out for. She graduated in accounting at university of Namibia and is currently looking for a job in Windhoek or in the north. This week we have been very busy on the bike trying to see everyone in Windhoek North, Darodo Park and Eros. We have also scheduled a baptism date for Henry and Mulima on the 27 of Feb with two other Yeta family siblings. I just am concerned for Mulima because she has to work every Sunday so we are praying that she can find a job to where she can work only on the weekdays. Our district and the branch is also planning a movie night on the 26 of February. We have the films of Emma Smith and the best two years copyrighted and we wanted to make it so that families can come as long as they bring someone with them who they know is not a member. Us as the missionaries are going to be the ones who get the news to members by giving them movie tickets and as the members and investigators come in the cultural hall door we would get there names and addresses on a sign in sheet so that we have the investigators detail and the members details for following up with them and for fellowshipping reasons. The branch president seems very excited and he will provide the projector but we were thinking of renting a popcorn machine for the activity. We hope to get quite a few potential investigators that missionaries can follow up with. Junior and Aminata Dacruz we also have a projected date for the 13 of Feb but when Elder Shegena and I went to go see them their mom got arrested for her visa being expired from Angola and in the process had a heart attack from the surprise. She is fine now and back at the home but her and her boyfriend are not to supportive on helping us teach the kids anything about the gospel. It seems right now we have many dates for the people but at the same time the adversity wants to step his foot in the door with the people as well. Well I believe the highlight for the week was to see Laina and Bro. Farmer come to church. On Monday we taught the Farmers and shared a neat visual aid on the tree of life. We also were able to see Laina on Tuesday with My exchange with Elder Shegena. He was planning on bringing some one to the lesson for us to teach that he works with at his taxidermy shop but it was neat to see him come to church after going stone cold less active. Well that is what is going around here. Have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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