Monday, February 15, 2010

Tyler Jan 25, 2010

Hello family

Well this week was transfers; Elder Mbatha unfortunately had to go back down to South Africa in Googlethu he was a brother. Both he and I became district leaders. Elder Probst a distant relative to our mission president came up and will be my companion. He is a cool guy and his brother served here in Namibia so he has a lot of acquaintances and he is an excellent teacher with thought provoking questions. He is from Midway, Utah. This week has been a really good week for me, I thought I could avoid the leadership but it didn’t work out as planned. We have some good things coming up this transfer and we set a goal as a district for 10 baptisms a month which I believe we can achieve. I have had kind of a hard time keeping track of everyone at church because we had 13 come to church and 20 as a district. We don’t have a car so it is difficult to see everyone throughout the week just by walking around in the rain. It is the rainy season here in Namibia and it has rained about 10 inches and it will continue to rain through Feb. And so it is very green. This week though as Elder Dillon who is from Tucson, Arizona was waiting for our companions we had a really neat experience. There is this girl named Liana who I first met at the beginning of the year when she came to church. She is a girl who has had a rough childhood and she was exiled from Zambia and has lost both of her parents. A couple of weeks After I met her at church we seen her walking down the street and I got this prompting that we really need to see her because she didn’t come to church the week prior. I couldn't remember her name and I could just tell that she was having a difficult time because she just said don’t worry about it. I got her details and but throughout the time she was always neglecting my calls and finally we were able to set up a time with her where she lived in Eros. It was probably one of the greatest experiences on mission because I could see the atonement take effect on her life and a huge burden be taken off. When we first walked into her flat she did not have any electricity and she had just got her baby back from the north and the baby was sick from being malnutritioned. The baby was crying but Lianas grandparents recently tried to take of her baby but must have not fed her well. We asked why she had not been coming to church and it was because she didn’t want to be judged of others. It was just neat to see the atonement take affect in her even though she made mistakes but I was so impressed that she took the courage to come to church because we probably would have not found her. Liana was taking such good care of her of her baby and holding her (Willmana) in her arms and previous to the appointment took her to the hospital in the morning but had very little money and that is why there was no electricity. I knew that if we didn’t leave a little of something for her for the electricity I would being feeling a little guilty knowing I could of done better so we gave her a little to have electricity for a couple of days to keep the meat in her freezer frozen and prevent from spoiling. After the lesson we gave her a blessing of comfort and I was just grateful that we were there with the right people such as our fellow shipper Don to resolve her concerns. It was the neatest thing to see the power of the atonement work in her life and we asked if we could help her with anything else and she just said to keep coming back. It has left me thinking throughout the week on that miracle of the day but I am just grateful for her courage and responsibility even though her times are extremely difficult. Well have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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