Monday, February 15, 2010

Tyler Feb 8 2010

Hello family
Thank you for the emails. Well this week has been pretty good with a lot of things happening. Next week we have two baptisms with Heaven and Ndepewa. I am really excited about the both of them especially Ndepewa because she is even thinking of going on a mission maybe in the near future. She said she wants to go to Utah or somewhere in the united states so it is cool that one of our investigators has even that desire so I am pretty excited for her. I think that she will be the pioneer for her family because her mom was not really to happy about being baptized for traditional reasons but once Ndepewa shares the gospel with her mom hopefully her moms heart will change. We have been also teaching Evelyn at the Kuthtedze family and it is neat to see her excitement. Her family is from the north but she is attending university of Namibia and studying public relations. This week after teaching her about the restoration of the gospel, she was wondering about the Book of Mormon and we pulled one out of the bag and she immediately she took it out of our hands. She is coming with the Kuthedze family to church every week and so it looks like she is a near future baptismal candidate. We have received so many referrals this week and their has been almost 20 investigators at Windhoek for the district with us having 11 this past week we have had a lot of member help. We have just been trying to visit all of these people and I am particularly excited about Michael and Lucia and Neapo and Ana because they could all be baptized in next months time. This week president Probst flew up and is in Namibia and so we have our conference on the Tuesday. We had our interviews on Sunday night and I asked him if he could maybe renew my visa to stay up here but the government is quite strict here for letting our church up here. Most missionaries stay up here for the six months because of the visa restrictions so after this transfer which ends at the end of February I will most likely fly back to South Africa. I have really enjoyed being here and to see the functions of the branch because this has been one of the best functioning branches out of any ward or branch that I have ever been in. My companion Elder Probst is kind of frustrated lately he has had this rash that he has had his whole mission and doctors don’t know what it really is. It almost looks like hives but it only occurs in the morning and nights and it basically grows on his legs. He has had many steroid treatment shots for allergies but there cant seem to be any major treatment for him. He might go home because of it but we are going to go to a dermatologist this afternoon and he will do a blood test to see what it is. He is Dr. Buys who is in Olympia and he specializes in snake bites like the black mamba and the puff adder and stuff so hopefully he can be able to help him out a little. Bro John came back this week and I seen him at church. He was excited to be home but he loves America and the people of Utah. He said he enjoyed talking with you guys and said dad had a lot of questions which I thought was pretty funny knowing dad. He is probably one of the happiest guys on earth that I have ever met. He said he is going back to Utah in April to interpret his Nigeria language for the church conference, he is defiantly a miracle for the people of church of Nigeria. He said right now he is trying to save up some money so he can fly back which he said will cost him 1,600 U.S. dollars. I think I might buy one of his canvas oil paintings to help him out a little but he said he was going to talk to the church to see if they can help him out when he flies over to interpret. Well I believe that is all that is going on here. We are just peddling around Windhoek. I can’t wait for sister Ruth our Ruth to fly back. She went down to Cape Town with her daughter Lizette to take her to cape town for college, me and my companion have decided it is probably a good thing that she is leaving because she is quite a distraction. How is the snow? Well have a good week,

I love you all.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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