Monday, January 25, 2010

Regan, January 25, 2010

Well this week has been a little bit slower but none the less it has brought us much joy in the journey as we have stayed in the Right Spirit of this Marvelous work.

Monday was a great day for being able to see people and also have District Meeting because of the Holiday. We tracted in the morning while the Theodore Elders got the new carpet in their apartment. We visited with Latasha for a few moments of time as she was preparing for the Funeral of her Uncle and also another family member. She wasn't able to make to church so as of now we put it to February 20th. When we visit her this week we will go over with her about the commitment she is making and the Qualifications that will allow her to progress to Baptism. We had a good district meeting with an activity that allowed us to see as a district that as we set goals and work hard and are diligent miracles will be seen. That night we visited with a few less active members and went to dinner at the Hearns.

Tuesday we had a great P-day. We were able to spend some time with the Spanish and English Elders and reflected on the great memories we have had serving around each other and also looking to the new memories that are still to come. We had dinner with the Odom's that night. We also visited a few less actives before hand.

Wednesday we had the Opportunity to travel with Elder Peterson to teach Michael and Rudy in Theodore. We had a great teaching experience and the spirit was so strong. Michael committed to stop drinking coffee to complete his commitment of following the Word of Wisdom. We came back and did a little bit of contacting around while the new Elders were on there way back. Elder Bawden and I then went and visited with Brother Serrano. We shared with him some of the missionary videos and helped and discussed with him how to answer different questions that may be asked by those who are investigating. We then went to the YM/YW combined activity and encouraged them to start inviting their friends.

Thursday we had a great planning day. We were able to update the Progress, Teaching, and Potential records. It took this time as an opportunity to clean out the area book. We called Leola Harris but she wasn't able to make her appointment at the time. We then tracted up and around the church and delivered some referrals. As of right now we have no referrals in Mobile. We found out that we weren't going to have correlation meeting so we decided to visit the Hughett family and visit a few less actives around them.

Friday I had an appointment in the morning with Dr. Shaver who is a less active member. I was able to get everything squared away and get the medicine that I needed for my sinus's. As we were waiting for the prescriptions to be fill we tracted out a few areas. We talked with some great people. After lunch we traveled to the church and continued to tract. We were able to find Shareef. As we talked with him and gave him the Restoration Pamphlet he couldn't take his eyes off of it so it seemed. We visited with the Baylor family. They are a great part member family that we are going to try and get a trust bounded with them so we can hopefully teach the children and husband. We had dinner with the Morris's that evening and then came back and made some calls to see how all of our investigators are doing.

Saturday we decided first thing in the morning to tract and we were able to find Elinor. We then traveled to the Eight Mile area and visited the Juarez family. They have been a little under the weather but have been coming back to church more regularly and we hope to continue to help them make it over that final hump to be fully active. We had a great lesson with Mary Tucker. We taught about faith in Alma 32 and committed her to Read and Pray and also to attend church with us. We then headed to see the Baird family. They are a part member family that we are hoping to work with. Sister Baird wants the kids to attend primary and church but she is struggling knowing that if they become active then she is going to have to. Because we had a few things fall through we decided to do some night tracting. We went to a nice are and talked to some great people and found a few potentials that we will be following up with.

Sunday we had a great day and we were blessed with seeing a few of the Goals that we set become actual. Brother People brought his friend Terrance to church. We have been working with him off and on because of his busy work schedule and were glad that he was able to make it to church. We were also able to set up an appointment with a part member family who came to church. She has been taught in the past but pushed a way for a bit and we are hoping to see if she is ready to take the lessons again. We came back and had some personal studies after church and prepared for a new member discussion with the Thiry family. We were able to have the whole family sit in. The father and son are not members but they came in and listened. The lesson went real well and we were able to get to know the family better and see if we could work with them. We ended the night with the Martyn's and had a great spiritual thought with them.
This week we have set some great companionship goals: always asking for referrals and also putting a focus in our studies for our investigators so we can continue to help them learn by faith.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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