Monday, January 4, 2010

Regan, January 4, 2010

This week has been really good even with having to fight a little bit of a cold off. I am so grateful that when you are working hard and doing the Lord's work that those things that seem to harp you the most are in the back of your mind or not even apparent at all.

Monday we had a really good p-day. We were able to do allot of things that helped us get ready for the week. We were able to prepare by getting a few things that we needed throughout the week for different appointments that we had set up. That evening we had a great dinner and did some contacting.

Tuesday we had to conserve some miles so we traveled a short distance and tracted for a few hours close to home. We talked to some great people and had some great discussions. We were able to set up an appointment with Leann who we had tracted into. After Lunch we went up to Prichard to visit Jessie and hew wasn't home but we were talked with Mary and taught a first lesson. The spirit was very strong and you could see the light in here eyes because of the great Love that she was feeling. We came back and tracted because we weren't able to talk with Davis. We had some really great discussions and one sister had some really great questioned and we cleared up allot of thing she had heard. Even though she wasn't interested in having us come back she really enjoyed the thought of learning more on We finished the night with FHE and had a great lesson on missionary work.

Wednesday we went to visit with Latasha but she wasn't available at the time. We visited a few less actives around here and also did 5v5's by them. We went up near the church and visited with Sister Tiller. She is a really great sister and as we invited her to come back to the fold the spirit came in very strongly. We traveled with Eric Hearn and taught Kimberly about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is doing well and keeping all of her commitments. That evening as we were visiting less active we talked with the Mason's and also with Sister Gover. She is interested in coming back to church and we are going to help her make that final step.

Thursday we had a great planning session after we had Breakfast with Sister Jett and the Morris's. We were really able to establish why some of our investigators were not keeping commitments. We pondered on how to help them or if we should drop them and we received some great guidance. We went and visited Sister Justesen and she is doing really well. We met Sister Maples and she is doing really well to. That night we had a great correlation meeting with Brother Jordan and got everything planned for Kimberly's baptism.

Friday we weren't able to have District meeting because the Theodore Elders apartment flooded. We went and did a bit of tracting when we found out they couldn't make it. We had lunch with the Parkes family which was great. We then went to Prichard to visit Mary and Annet. We were able to set up some appointments with them but were not able to teach them at the time. We had dinner with the Curtis's and that went great. We visited with President and Sister Singleton for a moment and asked Sister Singleton a few things about Kimberly's Baptism. We then visited with the Millers and had a great visit. Sister Miller has been feeling allot better than she has.

Saturday we had District Meeting first things. It went really well and the focus was on planning and making sure that we are figuring our ways in all of our area's to have more effective plan's set up and worked through each and every day. We then went and visited Annet Braggs and had a great lesson with her. We then went an visited less active members in the Eight Mile area. We were able to talk with quite a few great sisters and invite them to come back to church. We finished the night by making calls for Kimberly's baptism and confirming with those who are helping. Crazy enough we actually have all of our referrals done and we are waiting for more to come.

Sunday was a marvelous day. Kimberly had a great day at church and also in Sacrament meeting. After we had her baptism which her husband came to. The Spirit was very strong and the smile that she had on her face almost brought me to tears as I felt the same joy that she felt through her hard work and dedication to be able to partake in such a beautiful life changing experience. We visited with a Referral Terry Clark and watched Finding Faith in Christ with him. We were able to use the DVD to teach him and answered most of the questions that we had and committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We then visited with Brother Serrano and went of 1 Nephi 21 with him. It was such a great opportunity and we all learned some really great scriptures together.

This week even with the times that I have felt ill as I was able to work hard and lose myself in the work the Lord blessed me with the strength that I needed to Press forward and Keep my eye single to his will.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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