Monday, January 18, 2010

Tyler Dec 7 09


Thanks for the emails. Well this week has been good. We met this family that Elder Haugen and I are pretty excited about in Klein Kuppe in the white area. We followed up with the Vantraan/Gelderblom family that we tracked into. They have different surnames because of divorce and the kids still take their fathers name who lives in Pioneers Park but they are really excited for us to come back. When we first seen them they thought that we were Jehovah Witness but after a short while of conversing with them we began to develop a relationship of trust with them. There is this girl named Milla who is fourteen and she is probably one of the most spiritual girls that I have met on my mission but she had a lot of questions and she was answering herself. She asked are babies baptized and then she would talk to us a little while and respond that they can't really commit sin so she knew that wasn't right. She also told us that the purpose of this life was a time to prepare to meet God and that God was almost like testing us to be here. I was really impressed by their interest and knowledge that was coming by the way that they felt. They don't really attend church at all and don't have a lot of scriptural knowledge so they are really excited to have us back to learn about God. It is just really kind of nice to have a decent conversation with white people who want to learn more about all the confusion. We will see them this Friday which is really something to look forward to. This week we also painted the inside of our old boarding and prepared it for another senior couple coming up from New Mexico. We moved last week from the boarding in Saiderhoff to another place by the fruit and veg. shop in Windhoek. This past Sunday as well the branch had there annual Christmas program that was held by the relief society. They did a really good job and the branch also fed everyone who came to church that day. They ran out of food but it seemed mostly everyone was able to eat something. Well have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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