Monday, January 18, 2010

Tyler Jan 18 10

Hello family,

Thanks for the emails, well send some pics of the snow. It is almost like pulling teeth from a chicken to get some pictures sent. Well this week has been pretty good. We were able to have only 2 of the five we were hoping be baptized but we have quite a few for the upcoming month. Ntelamo and Inonge were baptized on our side and we had 5 total baptism for the country. There was 1 candidate from the Katatura branch and the two from my last area of Windhoek south with the two little girls Lala and Putu. This week will be transfer week so Elder Mbatha will most likely go back to South Africa he finishes in July and his visa will expire soon. I think there will be four elders go back down to South Africa and 4 others to replace them. Well this week has been pretty good for investigators coming to church, we had 13 total investigators at church and Sophia and Jackobine from our area came for the first time so they were kind of my highlight besides the baptism for the week. Sophia lives in Darodo park and she is Lutheran but is confused with the doctrines. We were able to teach her about the restoration and she said she wanted to come and so she did. We have and been teaching Jackobine at Ndepewa's house and she is temporarily staying with her until she finds a job. We hope that she can find a job in Windhoek so that we can continue to teach her and she can be eventually baptized. Ndepewa will be baptized on the 30th of January we were hoping that she would be baptized on the 16th but she had to give up the coffee and so we have been helping her with that. We bought her some roobies tea instead so she can have that during the day, but she is doing great and is one of the coolest investigators. We have quite a few baptisms projected on the 13th of February and so far we have just 4 of them. With Heaven, Aminata, Junior and maybe Mullima. We hope to have some more but right now a lot of people are going back to school. We were teaching a girl named Maria Mulunga and her younger sister but Maria traveled down to Cape Town to study at Stellonbosch to become a doctor, so she knows what she is doing in life because she has kind of had a rough childhood. This past week the institute teacher came up from Cape Town his name was Brother Duncan. But during our district meeting he was trying to come in the chapel and some people came up to him with a knife and so he got mugged at the chapel entrance. We keep the doors locked while we are inside the church whenever someone is in there but when that happened I could see the importance because all they have to do is come in and they could hold a gun and rob all of us. Well other than that experience everything has been good. Have a good week
Elder Tyler Hansen

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