Monday, January 18, 2010

Tyler Dec 21 09


I received a lot of questions so maybe I'll answer them. There is probably 40 active priesthood holder who come each week. Attendance has dropped due to the holidays. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas here. Compared to the states not many people have lights up or anything. Not many people are in the Christmas spirit which is kind of hard to adjust to. We have been teaching quite a few people in Darodo park area and we met these ladies last week who we followed up with this week. Its seems to figure we are having a lot more success teaching women because they are a lot more spiritual. We have been teaching these sisters Charlotte, Josephine and Daniela the last couple of times that we have seen them about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the gospel. Most of these of these girls have never seen their fathers since they have been alive in the last 19 years and they just here of them being in places like Nigeria. It has really played an effect on me of the gift of love. It is sad to see but there are a lot of people who have never been loved before and their families are just separated apart, just going through the motions of life with out the happiness and comfort of a family bond. It was neat after we shared the lessons with them they said that they really want to come to church but they needed some taxi money to get there. We gave them some money and they seemed as if they enjoyed church and I hope that the messages and spirit they felt can be imprinted on there hearts. But they were a highlight for me during the week. We have also been trying to get 7 baptismal dates this week for the 16th of January. We have 5 solid people so far but we have been also working with Salma and Maria who we have been teaching at the Mongome family. We are fasting with Maria at the moment because she is trying to get some money to go to school in Stellonbosch. It is really playing a tole on me right now because of the heat and yesterday I ate just a cookie. So Im not to geared up for it, but she is cool she is studying to become a doctor. I have noticed that the best thing for them is just to show love by service. I can really see the potential they can have in the future from their living the gospel. They don’t have much support from their mom who lives in Caprivi and family that is across the world. They are good girls and they are leaving Windhoek for the holidays along with a lot of our other investigators. Windhoek is just a place for people to have employment with the companies of diamond mining and large supporters of employment so people can make money. Well this week will be a lot of tracting to do but hopefully we can see miracles in the process. This Christmas it is going to kind of be strange we have to be in our places by 5 on Christmas and Christmas eve for security reasons but anyways will talk with you this week. Have a good week
Elder Tyler Hansen

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