Monday, January 18, 2010

Tyler Dec 14 09


Please Don’t send pictures of the snow it will make me homesick. The days and nights are just getting hot here. We don’t even sleep with covers anymore it's to hot and we have one fan that blows in the night and I just sweat in the night because of the heat. If hell was anywhere it would be in the desert here. Dad you had a question about the food here. It is about the same as South Africa but the prices are a lot more expensive. The milk in the country doesn’t last to long I have noticed but we got some eggs a little while ago and when we cracked them they were rotten so we have had some bad luck with the dairy products here. The mission gives the Namibia Elders a little more money for food though so it helps. I don’t believe there is a lot of agriculture here in Windhoek but it seems a lot of food is shipped from South Africa. This past week was transfers and I am now in the Windhoek north area with Elder Mbatha from South Africa. We moved in on Thursday and We’ll be staying by Sister Ruth who is a member. He is my only true black companion that I have had but he is pretty cool to be around. He speaks zulu and he is just funny because everywhere we go he has to shine his shoes. We also got another senior couple in the area that will be mainly in the Katatura area. They are from the four corners and they are a Navajo called the platerus’s. We are working basically the northern half of Windhoek which include the areas of Windhoek north, west, central and also klein Windhoek and also Eros and Darodo park and valley. We have 15 investigator coming to church and this past week we established dates for 5 of them on the 16th of January. The Namibia zone wants to set a goal of having 40 baptisms in the zone where we are trying to have a big baptism date at the end of the transfer on the 16th of January. I think 40 is definitely be reached and is pretty logical but it will be difficult as well. So it looks like it will be a good Christmas so far. I have some stuff that I was going to send for Christmas but to send mail from Namibia is expensive. It is 10 grams for 6 namibian dollars. With just the few things that I would send it would cost like a 100 U.S. dollars so I will send the stuff when I get back to South Africa. I am excited about the people we have dates set for with Ndepewa, Heaven, and the Yeta sisters from Zambia. They all have a good support system and all have a desire to be baptized. Ndepewa works for a private hospital in ryno park and she is a nurse. She comprehends and understands the gospel and was a referral from her boyfriend who is going to a university in Cape Town. She came to church for the first time this week and this past week we introduced the plan of salvation and gave her a pamphlet to read. When we came back she pretty much told us what the plan of salvation was. We also able to find quite a few new investigators and it seems like a lot of the people have been Portuguese. Elder Mbatha doesn’t like teaching white people. We met with a guy named Paulo who is from Portugal and when we introduced the Book of Mormon to him he seemed very excited about it because he had never seen such correct writing of Portuguese so we look forward to seeing how he is doing this upcoming week. Well I think that is about it for the week but have enjoy the holidays.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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