Monday, January 18, 2010

Tyler Jan 4 10


This week has been good, On Monday we had our zone activity and talent show we were able to see the DVD of the boy that gave his mom some Christmas shoes. That night when everybody left, the Windhoek chapel was broken into and they stole the computers. It was out of the family history room but they just broke the locks and cut the cords to the computers. It is sad to see but I am not too impressed with the security company and the church may push for liability of the security company. On Tuesday we had Zone conference. We had the discussion on extending commitments which is my favorite thing about missionary work. It is always neat to follow up with people and see that they care about what we share with them and that they are willing to read from the Book of Mormon. I learned many new things that I can say as extending commitments but by the time we were finished I wanted to go because we had sat in the chapel for ten hours that day between workshops, but I am grateful for the inspiration that President and Sister Probst leaves in the meetings. We only really had one day out of the week that we could go out and proselyte but we were able to do quite a bit a finding in the rain. It has rained a lot this week and it has really poured. I left my jacket back in Cape Town because I didn’t think that it would ever rain in Nam but yesterday we came back just drenched and soaked from the rain, sometime it is nice to have to substitute for the heat. On new years eve and new years we had to stay in so we helped sister Ruth Amunyela paint her house. It looks very nice and she seems very excited about the painting that we had done. Well other than that it has been kind of interesting/boring at the same time but anyways have a good week. happy birthday Chris! And happy new year.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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