Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Regan January 19, 2010

Well this week saw many new miracles and a lot of great experiences that I have been able to take a lot of different things away from the experiences of which I was given.

Monday we had a great P-day. We were able to prepare for a lesson that we were to have with Latanya but she was not able to meet with us at that time. We had dinner with the Hearn family and after tried to visit a recent convert family.

Tuesday we had a great District Meeting that helped us focus on the important questions of what was in the President letter. It really allowed me to receive some great things as I was preparing and focusing on the needs of our investigators and also the District. Elder Peterson and I went on a trade off and first visited with Latasha. We have not been able to see her for the past 3 weeks and as we showed up she let us teach her. As we followed up with her we discovered the True beauty of commitments and how well His spirit is provided through them. She had read through both the Restoration and Plan of Salvation Pamphlets including the activities and also 3 Nephi 11 a couple of times. As we continued to discuss in His spirit through asking questions as we shared the Plan of Salvation she committed to Baptism before we even committed her to Baptism on February 13th. It was a spiritual experience that strengthened my Testimony. We also visited with Brother Cleveland and are working with the Leadership to get him a ride. We stopped by the Baylor's and had a great discussion with them and will be focusing on the Kids to see if it will encourage the mom to come back to church. We had dinner with Brother Klug that evening and finished the night of with Family Home Evening.

Wednesday the day started off slow as we tracted. So, as we continued we found the Joy in the Journey and found Hollis. He seemed really nice and we will be following up with him shortly. We then went with Brother Morris to see Michelle and Kimberly. We went to visit Michelle but she left us a note saying she was content with her church at this time so we went and visited a few less actives before we went to Kimberly's home. We taught her the 5th lesson and she committed to the commitments we left her. She is still holding strong and is coming to church each week. We ended the trade off and Elder Bawden and I went and visited Brother Serrano. He has a Job opportunity fall through and was a little down so we shared with him a few scriptures and helped him return back to having the Right Spirit.

Thursday we had a great planning day. We were able to get a map printed off and we pieced it together so we could see where everyone is in the area. We are still putting up the arrows with members names on them but it really will help us on being able to Plan and Work more effectively. I am really excited to see it get done so we can really continue to focus our efforts with more enduring Hard Work. We also went and visited a few less actives and did 5v5's around them.

Friday we began our morning by visiting a few less actives and doing 5v5's. The time really flew by as we were out working and we were able to find Tracy and work more effectively in always asking for Referrals. We delivered a few media referrals and as we were tracting around them we talked with a great brother who has a very strong testimony of the things of which he has witnessed through miracles in his own life. He had same great lessons of which I was able to take away a lot. We visited Sister Gover and invited her to church. We had dinner with the Blackmon's that night after we tracted by them. We had a great time and watched the Restoration DVD with them and Hope that it will encourage her husband to come back to church.

Saturday we began the day by helping and serving those in need at the Bishop's Storehouse. It always feels great being able to go and serve in that fashion and really see how the Lord directs and guides his matters and doings. We then had a lesson with Mary Tucker. She has been very busy with 2 deaths in the family but we brought her some peace and comfort and we found what her feelings and thoughts were and brought His spirit into her heart. We taught Annet Bragg's a great Restoration lesson and she committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. We visited with the Campbell's that evening and will be doing service for them this coming week. We finished off the night by updating a few things in the area book at the same time we had dinner.

Sunday turned out to be a great day. I was able to give a talk at church on Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was amazing at how the spirit taught me as I was able to share a message that He desired of me to share. We didn't have any Investigators but we were able to see a few less active members that we have been inviting to church. We then visited a few referrals and were able to teach Chiquita and Lorraine Tucker. They were referred by Mary Tucker. We were able to share a good message with them and gave them Together Forever to watch as a family because of the 2 recent deaths. We set up an appointment to teach them this coming week. We then visited Brother Serrano and continued to strengthen the spirit within him. He learned a great lesson this week and has been applying so many great new things.

Monday we had a really great day. We tracted in the morning and visited a few members because District Meeting got moved back so the Theodore Elders apartment could be fixed. I am glad it was able to be completed because it has been a struggle for them. We went to visit Latasha but she was not able to meet with us because she was getting things ready for the funerals. We had District Meeting and were able to have a great activity that brought forth Goal setting and how to effectively work to achieve goals individually, as companionship's, and as a District. We then had dinner with the Hearns and had some great talks.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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