Monday, January 11, 2010

Regan, January 11, 2010

This week had been really good and the companionship though imperfect has become stronger and stronger unified each and every week and I Hope to continue to see that more and more as we adjust and use the amazing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to adjust and become better in our daily service and efforts to Him.

Monday we had a good P-day. We were able to have the Parkes family and the Spanish Elders out to play some soccer. We played with a few other kids and the Spanish Elders were able to set up an appointment with one of those that we played with. We then went to the Hearn's for dinner and shared a message that helped us understand how to better our study habits. We learned allot of great things from them because they are both in college right now.

Tuesday we tracted near our apartment in the morning. Though it was bitter cold I enjoyed every minute of it. We were able to talk with allot of great brother and sisters. We had some great contacts and were able to find Robbie and also Harris in the morning. After lunch we continued to work hard by tracting around a few former investigators. We talked with quite a few people and were able to share our testimonies with quite a few. We found Latanya and have an appointment with her tonight. We had Family Home Evening that night and we had some great experiences as we read 3 Nephi 11.

We started the day of by stopping by Latasha's home but she was not able to talk at the time so we set up an new appointment with her. We then went and followed up with a few potentials and less active members in the area and did a few 5v5's by them. After lunch we traveled to Prichard and visited Nicki Cotton who asked to have us come over as a media referral. After in our travels to Chickasaw we visited a less active member who wasn't interested and as we were doing 5v5's we found Michelle. We were able to share the beauty of the restoration with her. She committed very strongly to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and of the things we had shared with her. She has friends who are LDS in Monroeville and has been to church up there a couple of times in the past. We had our lesson with Kimberly which went well and she committed to the rest of the commandments that we were able to teach her. It has been truly a blessing seeing how His spirit has worked miracles in her life and has built her testimony so strongly. It brings me such Happiness and Joy. We visited with the Colvins after and had a great discussion. We talked and met all of the family and invited them to church on Sunday. Tyler and his Wife Chelsa came.

Thursday we had a great planning day and have continued to see how me can best focus on the needs of our investigators and really search in His light to recieve guidance and direction for them. We also have figured out how to effectively set up the new member discussions with the help of the ward members. We went to visit Leann but she wasn't home at the time so we tracted some house by her we hadn't visited yet. We had dinner with Sister Pacetti and had a great visit with her and her friend. Hopefully her friend will be able to come to church with her. We finished off the night by trying to see a few less active members.

Friday we had such a great Zone Conference. I was really uplifted and received many great new things that I have already begun to apply. His spirit has just continued to allow me to see more and more miracles and receive such a stronger testimony and Love for His marvelous work. I really felt a confirming witness as I was there and have now rededicated myself in stronger in doing His will in His work. We immediately left from there and traveled to Saraland. We visited with the Christensen's and the Coker family. They are doing really good even with some hard times that have hit them. We had dinner with the Mathie's and I am really grateful for there sacrifice to feed us even though they don't have that much. We visited with Sister Thompson and her husband. She is a recent convert from Minnesota and her new husband is not a member. We had a great little lesson with them and invited her to church because she has been struggling. She did come on Sunday and felt His spirit that she knew she had been missing.

Saturday we tracted over near the church. We weren't able to find anyone but did talk with some great people. We went to Prichard after lunch and had a great lesson with Mary Tucker. We shared with her the Plan of Salvation and His spirit really opened up the lesson as we were able to ask her what her thoughts and feelings were. She really opened up and His spirit testified to her Beautifully. We then visited with the Juarez family. They are doing alright except they have been having a few problems with there house. We had a great visit with them and invited the whole family out to church. We then continued to visit less active member up in the Eight Mile area and did some 5v5's We traveled back and stopped by Beth Baard. We talked with her and her husband who isn't a member. We found out that she wants to get the kids back into primary. They haven't been baptized and her husband's mom is a member but he has never read the Book of Mormon. We shared some of the gospel with him and he seemed quite interested in learning more.

Sunday we had a great church meeting. We didn't have any investigators at church because many of them who have been progressing don't have vehicles so we are working with the members to try and set up a few rides. Kimberly's Confirmation went really well and her countenance has just been glowing and glowing. It is quite the site to see. After we had a few lessons fall through after Church. We went to Bishop Parkes home so he could sign the Baptism and Confirmation record and we discussed a few things with him. After we traveled to Brother Serrano's and had a great lesson with him. He has been struggling in the past and now on his Journey back to full activity the Lord has blessed him so much. Just over the past few months he has gained such a strong testimony and as he bore his testimony to us last night I was humbled with respect at what the Lord has already done for him so far. It has been such a testimony builder for me.

All I can say is that this week was quite the amazing Journey with some ups and downs and in between that made this week a Beautiful experience in the Lives of so many.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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