Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

This week has been very spiritual for me. First I had zone conference and did many role plays, teaching lessons, etc... I was able to learn so much and also to see how much I have progressed in such the little time that I have been in Alabama. When we were there we set a goal of 6 new investigators for the next day. As we went home that night we spent just about 2 hours planning on how to accomplish that goal. Through many prayers and prompting we finally finished. We went up to Citronelle and talked with some referrals and ended up getting 3 new investigators. We came back down to Semmes and by the end of the day and putting all of our faith in the lord we found 9 new investigators. I know that if we all put our trust in the lord he will lead and guide us through anything that we need as long as we use the enabling power of faith so the spirit can direct us. This week total we found 12 new investigators. We have been able to see miracles upon miracles by putting all of our trust in the lord. On Friday we Baptized Devon and Emily Barton. I stood as a witness and I would have to say that it is in my top 10 most spiritual moments that I have had. On Sunday we blessed them to receive the Holy ghost and seeing Devon and her daughter after that they were like 2 new people. They have such a different appearance about them and they can both now progress more than ever. They can now in a year go to the temple and be sealed to the rest of their family for eternity. I can just feel that with all the changes that they have made and how much stronger their family now is they will continue to receive blessings as they continue to follow the lord and his servants. I also had to give a talk on Sunday about charity and pride. Through my studies I know that my talks and words have become more powerful and to the point to where the spirit can bear that witness to them. Through the spirit anything is possible as long as we have that faith in the lord that he will lead and guide us in all things.
Love You All
Elder Regan Hansen

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