Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15, 2008

This week has been a different in so many ways. We have not found any new investigators this week. We do have 2 baptisms though for this saturday 20th. I am so excited about it. I have been able to see the progress from this mother and daughter over the past to weeks and it has been such a faith growing experience. Seeing Deven oversome her smoking addiction and having those desires in her heart to have those changes and the desire to be baptized is great. She has been a great example to her daughter to strengthen her faith also. My testimony has grown so much in such little and my faith is increasing as well. I was able to bear my tesimony in the fast sunday at the start of this month. It was the best one that I have ever done and I felt the spirit so strongly as I expressed it that my legs started to shake a little bit. It was such a powerful message and many ward members said that it had touched their hearts. We are so close to have 4 more baptisms. 3 of them just need to come to church for a couple weeks and then we could baptize them but it is a struggle when we commit them to come and they say they will and they don't show up. The other she still has her smoking addiction but her desires are all there and she expresses how much she wants to be baptized. We had to go back up to Citronelle this week because they buried Brother Kimmins in the wrong grave so it had to be re-dedicated. As we were there we found out that the last treaty of the civil war occured there. I have some pictures that I will send in my next e-mail if I remember to bring my camera. Shortly my dad should have some mtc pictures up. We have been able to hand out 3 book of mormons this week and we are praying for their desires to want to here more of the gospel and feel of the blessings it will bring. I have realized how important these past 2 weeks have been to be exactly obedient. The blessings are so great from it that if I don't do something right that it pulls away the spirit so much that I have to work a bit harder to have it with me. As we pray we can see the desires of our hearts help others and it is a blessing upon a blessing. Be able to share this gospel it an invitation that everyone can make and I hope that all of you will fellowship someone you know even if it just saying hi to them. An example can go a long way.

Love Elder Regan Hansen

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