Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

This week has not been the most productive of all weeks but it still had a great spirit to it. On Monday we ate at the bishops house and had prepared the family home evening for his family. It was great setting some goals and I have now planned on how to accomplish those goals. Without setting goals in life and not planning on how to accomplish those we will never reach our full potential. We helped Brother Shoemaker with his fence some more. We have put up a bunch of it but we still have to finish with the wire. This week our air conditioner froze up so it was crazy hot. It took 2 days to thaw it out and luckily on Sunday we got it working again. We helped the relief society set up for there dinner before the General Relief Society broadcast which I heard was good. On Saturday we had a missionary going home. His parents came out from Hawaii to come and get him. We went over to the party and they had the Bama and Georgia game on. We saw that Bama Killed them so it was all good. We all said our goodbye's in sort of a testimony type meeting and everything was so heartfelt. I only new Elder Tovo for 3 weeks but just having him around and hearing of what he had to say has been able to enlighten me in so many ways. Unfortunately this coming week we might have to drop 4 investigators that want to be baptized. Since I have been here they have not progressed at all. It is sad seeing that they are putting everything before the Lord.
I love You all
Elder Regan Hansen

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