Monday, November 24, 2008

Regan November 24, 2008, Transfer to Gulf Breeze Florida

Hey well this week has been great. With the baptism yesterday and finding about the new transfer today I don't have much time before I need to start packing. I have found out that I am now going to Gulf breeze, Florida. I have heard that it is a small little beach town. I had the opportunity to look on a map and it is south of Pensacola. I am very excited about this new change. I have come to love all of those that I have served with here in Semmes and the ward members especially. I will miss them but I now know that I must press forward and enter a new area of the Lord's Vineyard. I know that the work there is only going to get harder since there has been no missionaries there for a bit but I look forward to the hard work I must perform.

This next message is what we received as a mission from the missionary department in SLC

"I hope this e-mail finds all well with you and the great missionaries in the Florida Tallahassee Mission. Elder Mask dropped by the other day to indicate he had just conducted a mission tour with you. He couldn't’t say enough about how impressed he was with your mission and missionaries. He made particular note of what great teachers he thought they are! Congratulations."

I am grateful to be one of the missionaries. The Lord will always bless the areas that we are in and will always have those who have been prepared for us to teach. I am grateful for the support that you all give me and I am indeed grateful for your prayers. Lets all continue to labor in the Lord's Vineyard. Indeed the work is there and will always be great in our lives. As for now I must go pack for my next great adventure on the Lord's path for me.

Love all of you

Elder Regan Hansen

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