Monday, April 12, 2010

Regan April 12, 2010

This week has been very wonderful with the opportunity to have seen Keno and Valentine Johnny enter into the covenant of Baptism and Confirmation. We have been able to see what hard work has allowed the Lord to bless us with and we will continue to re-boost and seek to talk with everyone in which we have the ability to speak with.

Monday we had a really good preparation day. We found out that Elder Bawden is having to have sinus surgery because of the illness that he has had but all will go really well and as planned. We were able to prepare for different things and really had the opportunity to shop and get a few things for when his surgery will be. We had dinner with the Hearn's and found out they will be moving soon. They are heading up to Indiana for school and we will have the opportunity of helping them get ready for their move in a few months.

Tuesday we had a really good district meeting and were able to talk about getting rid of any distractions that could allow things to get in the way of the Lord's work. We then traveled to see a potential investigator that we had but they weren't home so we started to tract a little bit early. We were able to talk to some really great people and were able to ask for referrals from many of them. We had really great lesson with Rachel and she was able to read over Alma 40. We read over it with her and were able to clarify things that she had thought about or was wondering about. We had a great dinner with the Fairchild family and we are hoping that with us going over every week that it will propel them to want to be more active. We then visited with a few other less active members which went really well.

Wednesday we started off the morning by seeing and investigator we tracted into but he wasn't there at the time so we talked with her wife for a little bit. We then went and visited with a few less active members near the area. After lunch we were able to visit with Kimberly Evans and finished watching over some of the church history DVDs with her. We are now going to be watching General Conference with her in our next visits. We stopped by a potential investigators house and shared with him the Book of Mormon and he was really excited to be able to read it. We tracted a little bit around the area and then traveled to Keno and Valentine's to begin filling out the Baptismal Records. We had a really great visit with them and had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their family in the Marshall Islands. We then went to part of Bishop Parke's daughters soccer game and were able to talk with him about different things that are happening.

Thursday we began the day with Elder Metcalf and Morrison and traveled to Saraland to sing and have some lunch with a group of elderly people. It was really a lot of fun and they really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with us and to have us there to support them. The spirit was really strong as we were able to sing. We then came down and planned those things of which we needed to and it allowed us to get the baptism ready and other crucial things. We then went and did some service for Rachel and helped her clean and fix a few things around the house. We tracted after and had the opportunity to find a few potential investigators and were able to ask 8 different people for referrals in those few hours. We then met Elder Krieser and Tolley for Keno and Valentine Johnny's baptismal interviews which went really well.

Friday we started off the day by trying to see a few investigators and getting the baptismal program completed and set up. We were able to talk with a few investigators and set up some appointments with them. We then visited with Brother Serrano and he is doing really well and getting over the sickness that has been bothering him for a bit. We then went and tracted near a few less active members home while we were waiting to get the programs typed up. We were also able to see a few less active members before activity night happened at the church. We had 2 families show up and we were able to have a lot of fun and are continuing to invite more and more families. We were also able to set up a few things for the marriage and baptism.
Saturday we had a really great morning helping out with the bishop's storehouse and then immediately going and doing service for the Mason's who are a less active couple. We had a great time with them doing service and had a great lunch with them. We are going to keep doing service for them and hopefully it will propel Brother Mason back to church. We had just enough time to get ready before we had to go to the church and get more things set up for the marriage and baptism of Keno and Valentine. Both services went really well and there was a lot of support from the ward. The spirit was very strong and Love was truly felt. We then traveled up to the Kelly's for dinner and also were able to help them do a few things since Tim broke his hand just a few days earlier. We are trying to work with Mathew and it looks like he is really close on making the commitment to be baptized.

Sunday went really well and we were able to really feel of the His spirit. I am truly grateful for the priesthood and how it is used to bless so many lives. During PEC we were able to discuss the needs and pray for individuals who are struggling at this time. We were also able to be voice to the ordinance of confirmation for Keno and Valentine. After lunch we went and visited with a few referrals and had a few really good lessons. We then continued to tract and found Bill who we are really excited to meet with again. We finished the night by having dinner with the Parke's family which went really well and we were able to get everything signed by Bishop Parke's on the baptism and confirmation records.

Though this week had many ups and downs at certain times we were able to press through and felt much love and joy with our investigators and members in which the Lord blesses us to be able to serve.

Love You
Elder Regan Hansen

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