Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tyler Aug 2 2010

Well hello family

Sorry about this last week. I don’t know what happened but I almost think that your email is rejecting again for some reason. Well it has been hard working with the ward mission leader. As a mission, the mission is setting a goal of 60 baptisms per month and there is 8 zones in the mission and so it is 8 baptisms per zone that we are trying to achieve. We have 19 baptismal dates as a zone for the month of August which would be really good if we achieve it. Our ward mission leader was a missionary in the Porto Rico mission a long time ago and when he heard of how the missions goal is 60. He got kind of down on us saying that when he was in his mission he was getting 60 as a district and he was an AP in his mission and basically the mission president there. In East London 2nd the ward has a goal of 24 baptisms this year and we have 2 so far and but anyways it’s a long story but we are trying to please our ward mission leader with the way things are done in Cape Town and how ever they did it in Porto Rico. We are trying to get some more member help to find father led, but in Porto Rico I guess that they did not use members to find. Well I just have to look at it as a good learning experience .
This past week we have been doing quite a bit of finding at the Emerald sky flats and we have found some success. It is pretty close to the chapel in Haven Hills and we hope we can find some more father led families in the area. While doing our finding approaches in the area we were able to find two less active families individuals in the area. Zanele and also Lungi and they were found in some pretty cool ways. We found Lungi when the power was out and his flat was the only one with a candle and he asked us, do you guys have some light? We responded back that we have the light of the gospel. We were hoping that more people would come to church with all the commitments that we left but nobody that we saw came to church but we still believe it is a good area to keep going at it. I thoroughly enjoyed the exchanges with Elder Msimango one of the ap’s from Qauznatel in Durban and learned a lot from him to be a better person and better missionary. We extended a baptismal date with the Fuindees and both the mom and Nabisa are excited and know that the things that they are reading from the book of mormon and the things from the gospel that we are sharing are true, so we will continue to work with them and prepare them for the 14th of August. Zokiswa who is also doing very well told us that she was just on leave in East London and she is going back to Queenstown for nursing this upcoming week but we got all of her details and so that we can send it to Queenstown, so that she can be baptized when she continues to be taught. She just loves the teachings of the church and has a desire to come to the truth. It looks like there will be a lot of baptisms here in this part of the vineyard there is 21 baptismal dates for the East London zone and a lot of baptisms projected to be performed in the month of August. Well I hope that you have a good week. I have some stuff on the plan of salvation that I will send to Chris it will be a great help to have learn about some of these doctrines.
Take care and be safe

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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