Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey family

Well it is good to hear from you guys. Well this week was pretty hard we had 12 set appointments cancel, I was disappointed but it ended well because we should be picking up a new investigator, her name is Devon. She is seventeen and she moved away from home to her aunts, I guess to controlling, but anyways she contacted the bishop and we set up a time to meet it is going to be good. I gave a talk on Sunday about missionary work it was good. I got up there for five mins it was kind of easy to talk once I got up there, it is just getting to that point. But it was good, I just bore a long testimony of what we were learning it was good too because we had Elder L Tom Perry come to our mission, we listened to him it was good. He talked just about the organization of the church and how everything is suppose to be it went good I really enjoyed it! I liked elder Maynes talk the best he talked about finding the searchers rather than convincing the gospel on people it was really good. Well that was about my everything is good here. It's sunny and going to rain I guess this week…we'll see I bet it doesn't. Have a wonder full week everyone.

Love Elder Hansen

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