Monday, December 7, 2009

Regan, December 7, 2009

Monday we had a pretty go P-day and were able to make a few calls as we were out and about. We were able to set up a few appointments and also confirm some. We had dinner with the Hearns which was really good. We went and visited the Byrd/Hughett family and they seem to be doing allot better since everyone is over there Sicknesses.

Tuesday we were able to prepare ourselves for the day by having a District Meeting and preparing for Zone Conference by using the new Packet that we received. We visited Latasha Tucker who is one of our Media referrals and had a really great visit. We are going to be teaching her family again this week. We visited with Trennese Hunt and delivered her Book of Mormon and had a great 1st lesson. We delivered a few more referrals that night before our Dinner appointment with Bishop Parke's family. We finished the night with Brandy teaching us with the Articles of Faith and had FHE with Sister Byrd and a few of the other singles.

Wednesday we started by updating our referral binder because we received quite a few more. We then went down so I could get my Flu shot because they were able to get some more in. We went and visited less actives and potentials in the Prichard and Chickasaw areas. We didn't have much success talking with members but we found Jesse Edwards and Carlene Sims who had been taught in the past by the Wards. We had our lesson on the Word of Wisdom with Kimberley Evans with Sister Quinn there. She committed very strongly to the Word of Wisdom. We are working on some times so she will be able to talk with you. We finished of the night with Nick Barbella who had just moved in. He is very prepared and opened to learning and as we asked questions back and forth the spirit directed us to read scriptures that really brought him allot of peace.

Thursday we had a great session of planning and were able to get a few appointments set up for the next few days. It also allowed us to update some formers that had been dropped or other that had moved away. We then went and delivered a few referrals and as we were out we did some store contacting when we were getting a few things. We had missionary correlation that evening and had allot of the PEC members there and set up how we are going to start the new member discussions for the Recent Converts this upcoming week.

Friday we helped the Theodore Elders with moving to there new Apartment. We were able to talk with a few people as w were out and had a few good talks. We delivered a few referrals as we were traveling to dinner and we were also able to visit a few less active member after.
Saturday we had a great day with helping with the Bishop's Storehouse. It always feel great being able to serve those who are trying to do what the Lord needs them to do. We visited with a few less active members and also were able to do some more service for a few other members. We then went and visited Michael for a few minutes and were able to set up a time to come back and visit with him some more.

Sunday we had a great meeting at church and Nick was at church with us. He had a great time and he was able to meet allot of members and also hear some great testimonies. We then went and visited with some less active member and referrals that we had some appointments with. We made a few calls and stopped by Michael's to invite him and his family out to the Christmas Devotional. We ended the night with the Devotional which was a very spiritual uplifting evening.

LOve Y'all

ELder Regan Hansen

Roll Tide!!!!!!

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