Friday, December 4, 2009

Tyler Nov 23 2009

It is just getting hotter and hotter here every day. This week has been good a lot of the people who live in Windhoek who are from Botswana are going back home. The exams in school are done for those going to university of Namibia so many people are leaving for home like Tswano. Well this week has been pretty normal teaching and progressing people. It is nice now to be able to have good investigators who will hold appointments and we have appointments booked clear until Friday so it is good to keep effective. We have left commitments for Sakhie and his family to come to church for the past three weeks but he never shows so I believe were going to leave the drop lesson next. I was excited about him because he said he has some good questions for us concerning the Book of Mormon but we can never stay in touch. We hope to set a baptismal date with a guy named Techafara but we cant seem to find the concerns that he has about being baptized because he has been taught everything. This week the senior couple held a YSA activity for the people of Katatura branch and Windhoek branches. We spent quite a bit of time handing out fliers to members who would be able to attend but they said it was really nice to have at the chapel to hold dances and parties and basketball to help the people get married who are members of the church. I miss that kind of stuff. This week there was a big fire in ext. 1 where the Jones live and it is a good thing that many of the houses have cemented walls which held the fires out of peoples yards. It was directly behind the Jones house but it jumped one the wall and burned someones bry/barbecue area. I am grateful for the the American emergency crew of America but it took Windhoek like twenty minutes the Jones said to get to the fire with the two fire trucks that they had. They do a lot of burning around here for one of the reasons is so criminals cannot escape and hide in the bushes but this fire got quite a bit out of hand. I think the miracle for the week was to see a young kid named Moses take the Book of Mormon and read have the excitement that he has. He loves the bible stories but when we brought the Book of Mormon by to him he was really excited to dig into it. Well today is our zone conference with Elder Hinckley they said the plane was a little late coming from Cape Town this morning so the meeting might be postponed a little bit. I look forward to seeing him and am excited to feel his excitement about the gospel so we will see him this afternoon. He is also holding a family home evening with the Windhoek branch so him and President Probst are pretty busy people teaching missionaries and eating, sleeping preach my gospel. well have a good week
Elder Tyler Hansen

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