Monday, November 30, 2009

Regan November 30, 2009

This week had been really good. We were able to get allot of things accomplished even through the Midst of Thanksgiving.

On Monday we had a few appointments scheduled but they called and rescheduled them with us which was good. We had our usual P-day and finished that night with the Hearns and a very spiritual evening with them.

On Tuesday we went and visited a few referrals in the Prichard area and visited some less active and part member families as we were there. We went and had a lesson with Kimberley Evans and Eric Hearn was with us. We discussed the Plan of Salvation and I am truly grateful how the spirit works in teaching us all as we ask simple questions and bear simple testimonies. Her testimony is continuing to grow each and everyday. Her Baptism is still scheduled for December 20th. We had a great family home evening lesson with a few members and a recent convert that recently moved here from Minnesota who has the greatest desires to learn.

On Wednesday we went and visited more referrals in the Prichard area and a few past investigators. We were able to find Christian Thomas as we were there. We then spent some time calling all of the Media referrals that we have and what a blessing it is to have 2 phones to call with. We were able to set up some more appointments which was great. Nick is one of the referrals that we received and we called his friend to get some background. He has been regularly attending church in Colorado and recently moved down here. His friend said that he is very close to Baptism and they have talked about it so we are going to be meeting up with him tonight. I am excited to be able to ask him questions about his thoughts and feelings of what he has been learning so we can see how we can best help him. We had dinner with the Madison's and finished our evening by visiting a few potential investigators.

Thursday we had district meeting first thing which really prepared us for the day. We had lunch with the Long family. The husband is not a member and had some rough contact in the past but as of recent his heart has been softened and he is trying to make sure he doesn't have to work so he can start to come to church again. We went and visited a few other less active and member families for the rest of the day.

Friday we visited referrals in a few different zip codes and did 5v5 around them. We then had lunch with the Emmertson family which was really good. Throughout the day we continued to deliver referrals and do 5v5, as with visiting less actives that lived around them.

Saturday we went to the flea market to do some contacting and we talked to a few less active members as we were there. We then spent allot of the day delivering referrals. We were able to have some great lessons with a few of them but weren't able to find times in their schedules that would work out. We have under 10 referrals right now which is amazing but that is not counting the ones that we have had to forward to other areas. We had a great lesson that night with Brother Serrano and he has been keeping his commitment of reading and praying and there has been a drastic change in him the past 2 weeks.

Sunday we had a great day. Sister Quinn a recent convert from Minnesota brought Kimberley Evans to church and we had a great lesson in gospel principles discussing about the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel. She also invited her fiance and his grandson who are not members to sacrament meeting and we talked with them for a few moments. After church we visited the Baylor family and got to meet them and some of there kids. They are a part member family but have some great potential to come back. We also visited the the Byrd/Hughett family and they are doing well. The daughter has been very sick so they haven't made it to church but they are all planning on being there this coming Sunday.

This week has been full of great success even though I thought the Holiday might slow it down but really it just helped us stay committed and understand that where our focus was at in serving the Lord.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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