Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Regan November 17, 2009

This week went well and luckily we were able to find some computers that are allowing us online. Also full of Tender Mercies from the Lord.

On Monday we had a good p-day and got things prepared for this upcoming week. We were also able to clean a bit and get ready for the November cleaning.

On Tuesday we were able to plan a bit since the storm came in. We visited Kimberley Evans that day and focused on her Praying to know if the Book of Mormon is True. She is preparing well for us to extend a baptismal commitment soon. We also stopped by to see Andrew Henderson but he wasn't home so we will be seeing him this week. Brandy a recent convert taught us for about families and then we had FHE which went really well.

On Wednesday we had a few appointments fall through so we delivered referrals and tracted around there houses. We visited quite a few less actives on our way back down and had some great success with them. We also visited Silvia McNeil and taught her the restoration and will be teaching her again today.

Thursday we did a little bit more planning to set up what zip codes we would be working in because of the referrals that we get. We visited with Michael that day for a bit. We then got out and tracted for a few hours which was great even though we didn't have any success. I do have the faith to not see results. That evening we visited Brother Serrano and helped him to continue his understanding of forgiveness and also how to Mark the Book of Mormon.

Friday we had a great Zone Conference and I truly was uplifted. Many of my questions were answered and a better understanding has come since I have began to apply those steps of understanding. I am so grateful for Revelatory Sessions where the Spirit and Love are strongly present. We visited member referral that we received and set up a return appointment and also found Eleynor Coleman as we tracted around the referral. That evening we went and visited past investigators that we had found in the Area Book and visited a few of them. We found Aerika because of that and will be teaching her tonight.

Saturday we began our day at the Bishops Storehouse and Michael met us up there. Even though we have not been able to teach him yet the Tender Mercies of the Lord have allowed us to stay in daily contact with him. He enjoyed being able to serve everyone around him. We did service for the Wysers after that and they were truly grateful. I love doing service. We then went out for the rest of the afternoon and tracted as we were delivering referrals.

Sunday went well even though none of our investigators were able to come. The primary program shared a great message to the non-members and part-member families who were attending. We finished the day by visiting more referrals and less active members. We also talked with Michael and will be teaching him and his family shortly.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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