Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tyler Nov 9 2009

I hope this week has been good for you, This week has been pretty good for us here. Me and Elder Haugen are together for another transfer. I believe the highlight of the week was getting a message from Tswano about her prayers being answered. She was having some difficulty a while back with her family not being too accepting of the church and recently her mom apologized and basically said sorry to her about ruining her eternal life so that was pretty cool to see. It just showed me that God works in mysterious ways and knows everyone, everywhere because of his glory. It is good to see the little miracles in life that keep me tinkering along. The baptism of Tswano went really well this week and their was one other from the Windhoek branch and three from the Katatura branch so Namibia is slowly progressing. Another highlight of the week was to see both the mom and daughter of the Lethogoje family finally make it to church. Sis. Lethogoje knows the Book of Mormon is true so we can work with that. We will continue seeing them and they have great potentials for the future. In Pioneers Park we have been visiting a great family that we found a couple days before halloween named the Imalwas. We have been mainly seeing Sunnypo and Magneline. Sunnypo is a younger girl who is in like 11th grade and she received the Book of Mormon a while back and she is now reading it. She has a lot of good questions concerning it and knows it is true and will help her in her life. She is studying for her exams and this week she asked for advice using the Book of Mormon we were able to share some valuable scriptures to help her in the studies. Her testimony of the Book of Mormon is flourishing but Magneline we can help her more to find the desire. Well for the most part the week has been well.

Here are some pictures of the smiley (lambs head) that we had at the Simattas. I didn't eat too much of it but the tongue was ok. Theres pictures of the baptism of Tsawno and also a lizard at the Germans house where we email. The most common language spoken is English but there is a lot of Africaans, German and Portuguese and also many tribal languages like Herroro, Vombo, Oshuvombo, and Damara there is a lot of languages.
Thanks for the love and support

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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