Monday, November 9, 2009

Regan, November 9, 2009

This letter this week will be very short because we are making sure we have everything for the storm that is headed this way. It says the wind could be around 50-75 mph and power could go out but as for now it seems to be getting even milder and it isn't supposed to hit land until Tuesday.

This week we found quite a few people from tracting put not a single appointment went through so we just continued to tract and deliver media referrals. We just wanted to work hard and show the Lord how much we Love him. We also were able to visit many less active ward members which is allowing the ward to trust us even more which is their main focus on getting them more fired up to do missionary work.

At church we had many blessing come from dedicated service. A part member family came to church and we taught Andrew. After when we were going to leave a brother name Michael came in needing to talk with the Bishop. He ended up talking with us and the Stake President and we are now going to teach his family this coming week. Being Dedicated in the Lords service has been great and I am grateful for the re-confirming witness that I am able to receive as I continue to work harder and strive to be more dedicated.

Thank you for all the Emails and Love and Support through letters.

Love Y'all
Elder Regan Hansen

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