Monday, November 23, 2009

Regan November 23, 2009

I have enjoyed this past week so much because the fire that has been burning inside of me to work hard and be effective has increased and is burning deep within my soul and thoughts.

On Tuesday we had a great District Meeting where we were able to do some role plays that really prepared us for lessons that we had for the rest of the week. We went and taught Kimberley Evans and asked the great question of "What are your thoughts and feelings?" It opened the door for the Holy Ghost to guide our questions to her and she continued to strengthen and bear the testimony of which she has gained and is growing. We set a baptismal date with her for December 20th. We finished of the night by visiting a few potential investigators and gave Brother Adair a blessing.

On Wednesday we updated all the new referrals that we had got and then went out and tracted near our apartment. After lunch we continued to deliver referrals and tract throughout the day also visiting less active members on our travels. We finished the night of by calling referrals and trying to set up appointments for the following days.

On Thursday we had a great planning session that day and were able to finish updating referrals to be written down and decided on certain days what referral areas we would go to and try and set up appointments and tract. We went and visited a couple referrals and tracted around there houses before we went and visited Brother Serrano and Adair. The spirit brought a strong message into there home and we shared about enduring trials. They have continued to read and pray every night. We then went to Brother Jordan's and had correlation with the Bishop and discussed the needs as they continue to discuss and build the new Missionary Plan for the Ward.

On Friday we spent the day up in Saraland and tried to visit and tract around as many less active members as we could. We were able to talk to quite a few members and invite them down to church. We had dinner with that Mathies and did some service for them before and then traveled and visited with Brother Peoples. He has been reading and praying every night and his countenance has changed dramatically since we last visited with him.

On Saturday we started the Day of by cutting down some trees and splitting them so we could get firewood for Sister Koker. It was great being able to work hard and see the smiles on there faces as we deliver the wood. We came back and went and visited a few referrals by us and were able to set up a few return appointments with them. That night we finished by calling some new referrals that we got and planning them out into our schedule.

On Sunday before Church we had a great lesson with Michael and his wife Brenda. It brought the spirit is strongly and we were able to pick her up as an investigator and will be teaching them on Wednesday. Andrew Henderson was at church today and we had a great lesson in gospel principle with him. After church was a little potluck and we were able to meet some member and non-members that we haven't met yet. After we went and visited Michael again and helped him sort out a problem that he had run across. We visited with the Kluggs that night which was great.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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