Monday, November 2, 2009

Regan, November 2, 2009

Monday I found out I was getting transferred but I really wasn't surprised at all. I really have come to love Crestview but I did love Mobile area when I was there is the past and I still know some families out there. So to an extent I am excited to see them. We had dinner with the Walker family and said our good byes. We then stopped by the Royce's and informed them on what was happening.

Tuesday it was pouring rain and our service projects got canceled on us. We had a last district meeting with the District and really had a great spirit felt meeting that allowed me to have an overwhelming feeling of love for the great families that I have been able to love and help. We then started getting things packed up because of the rain and things being cancelled. We also made sure that everything was updated and started to leave notes and things that would be important to help the new Elders and Sisters know about the area. We had dinner with the Toolan's and said our goodbye's. We then went and visited the Royce family which was really hard because I love them with all my heart. I know that the Lord will take care of them and he brought me much peace and comfort at these times I would need to adjust.

Wednesday were transfer and I was on the transfer van bright and early around 10 to travel to Mobile. It was great being able to see many missionaries that I hadn't seen and especially my mission father, Elder Rasmussen. I met my district when I first got to Theodore area then Elder Bawden and I traveled to get unpacked and the Halloween Social that was happening that night in the ward. I got to know a few more people that night and talk to some that I already new and that helped out allot.

Thursday we started off by planning allot. Since I am new to the area I received a good basis on the area and those things that take allot of our focus such as referrals. We then went and delivered referrals that went well but we didn't have success in finding. We talked with Sister Binkard at Wal-mart when I was getting some supplies. She is a less active member that we had been talking about earlier that neither of us knew.

Friday we had a Mission Conference with Elder Ringwood of the 70. I received some great impressions that I am already striving to incorporate into my daily missionary service. It was great to also meet allot of new missionaries. That night we had dinner with the Mathie's and they are a funny couple. They are truly in bright spirits even with the trials that they are facing. We also visited Brother Peeples and had a very powerful lesson with him. He has been struggling allot and wants to come back to church. The Love of Christ was so strong and present that my heart has truly been touched and I have come to really Love him and the Testimony that is so powerful and strong. We gave him a blessing so he could receive some guidance. He came to church on Sunday.

Saturday we helped with service and helping with the Bishop's storehouse. It was great being able to help and serve those who needed those things. We attended a Baptism in Theodore that Elder Andrus and Fox had. We then went and delivered referrals and that night we had dinner with the missionaries in the area.

Sunday I was able to meet Bishop Parkes and his counselors. He is really a good bishop and everything is on track with the 20 lessons that I really feel there will be some great success in helping many. We immediately started on delivering referrals and taught a lesson to Anthony and it went well. We will be teaching him later this week. We also set up some appointments with other referrals that we had received.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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