Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tyler Oct 27 2009

hello family,

Thanks for the emails. I hope everything is going well. This week has been ok. We were able to see many lives progress as they have read from the Book of Mormon. I just wish more people would take the time and read from it to feel of its spirit and help them to walk in greater obedience to Gods commandments. As we have continued to follow up with many families in Rockys Crest we had the opportunity to help Karina this past week overcome some of her difficult situations in her life. We have been teaching her husband End a little bit but one day when we followed up with the family there was a little bit of spouse abuse going on. Karina was in tears and basically sleeping outside the house. We helped her through using the Book of Mormon in using Alma 13 and 14 and really emphasized on the family proclamation it was kind of depressing. I hope that we shared something with her that could help her throughout her day. We have been following up with a lot of less actives and trying to help reactivate them. There is a lot of members in the branch with about 300 members, 120-140 actually come to church each week. We have really put an emphasis on Edison who is a recent convert of a few months who is starting to go less active. He is really dodging us but we hope we can help him in his life. A lot of the less active members that don't come actually live out of Windhoek and live in the northern parts of the country so it is difficult to track these people down where there are no missionaries in the rural areas. It is neat to see the growth of Tswano as she continues with her desire to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and continue to progress towards baptism. She has talked with her family in Botswana, and she knows this is the right decision she is making in her life so she continues to be a champion. Well transfers is coming up this week, and we look forward to the upcoming zone conference of having Elder Hinckley come and visit us. Well have a good week.

I love you all
Elder Tyler Hansen

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