Monday, October 5, 2009

Regan, October 5, 2009

This past week has been really great even with all the sicknesses and trials that have been thrown right at us. I am especially grateful for the commitment that I made to read the Book of Mormon while marking the Promises in the 2 months that was asked. I feel such a deep compassion and love for the Book of Mormon. I have felt my faith increase and my understanding grow as I have dove into it's pages. I have felt the firm understanding of the importance of Prophets and Apostles and the Priesthood Power. I can truly say as Elder Holland so testified yesterday that I know without a shadow of a Doubt that the Book of Mormon is the most Powerful and Rewarding Book that brought me closer to the Saviour and I now that it is True. This past week as you know has been a little different as Elder Barlow was in the Hospital but the Lord always prepares a way for us to do his Will.

On Monday we did a little bit of service during our P day and had quite a few great visit with members.

On Tuesday we had district meeting which went well and we continued to personalize and apply Book Of Mormon stories to help investigators. That night we went on trade-offs with Brother Beattie and Brother Corbin and got to visit many less actives that we are setting up to teach the lessons to again.

On Wednesday we talked with the Gorby's and had a really great visit and were able to discern a few of their needs as we are going to continue to teach them about this great gospel. I ended up going to Doctor Roberts office and found out that I had the Swine Flu so we had to go back to the apartment and I rested and studied for awhile.

On Thursday we picked up Elder Barlow out of the hospital and went back and planned for the upcoming week. We made calls within both wards to try and set up appointments with less active and part member families. We were not able to leave the apartment until about 5 when I got permission to go out because I had to wait out the Contagious period. We had some great visits with members and had a good activity that night.

On Friday we started of the day visiting Jo one of our media referrals and had a great discussion with her. I truly do feel that the Lord has prepared her to do something special. She is truly knowledgeable and ready to accept the gospel as she receives that confirming witness from the spirit. We tracted for a few hours and had no success but it was great just being able to enjoy doing the Lord's work. We visited Sister Price a less active member and will be teaching her the lessons again very soon. That night we went on trade offs and visited less active members and invited them and our investigators to conference.

On Saturday we enjoyed conferences and the messages were great. God's Love was apparent in the talks and in our hearts. We visited a few of our investigators who had been watching from home and just followed up with them on some of the talks and questions they had.

On Sunday we enjoyed conference once again and I loved how the messages of Obedience struck into strengthening all aspects of our lives including all the different traits involved with Virtue. I received so many great promptings and only wish that conference could just continue. I received a great confirming witness of those promptings and have already begun to really apply and deepen my understanding of them. We taught Junior later that night the 10 commandments and the Word of Wisdom and he committed to them with no hesitation.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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