Monday, October 12, 2009

Regan, October 12, 2009

On Monday we had a great P-day and ended the night by going to the White's for dinner and are working with their family on inviting their friends to the Gospel.

On Tuesday we talked with Brother Wroten who is 19 and been less active since he was about 9. He opened up and let us know that he has a hard time understanding the scriptures so we are going to help him with that and he said he would start coming back to church in a couple weeks. We then went and talked with Sister Mason a less-active member who has been having some health problems recently. We stopped by Brother Brant who is a great example of a truly dedicated member because he is 98 and still drives himself to church every week. We then went on trade offs that night and Brother Horst and I visited Sister Ward and taught the 1st lesson. She ended up coming to church and enjoyed it.

Wednesday we had a great Zone Conference which I was very uplifted and it left me pondering over many great things. We then had dinner with Sister Holly Tew's family and talked about a part member family they are wanting to invite over to dinner the next time we come over. We then went on trade-offs and Elder Jensen and I went and visited Brother and Sister Reeves while Elder Barlow and Brother Beattie visited Brother Matt Sheppard.

Thursday we were able to plan a little bit before we went and visited Sister Atisme and she is trying to see how she can help her husbands heart be softened to where he will accept the Gospel. He has had a few difficulties in the past with things that he has either heard or read. We then went and taught Debbie one of Sister Toolan's friends but we are still not sure how well she is going to commit. We had activity night that night and had 5 non members there and are working on setting up appointments with 3 of them.

Friday we went and visited Jo Nguyen and discussed questions and the topics that the spirit directed as we asked her about how she felt. We discussed Alma 32 and asked her how she felt about the story within. She felt that it was all true and we committed her to continue to read and pray. We went and visited Curtis and will be setting up an appointment with him later this week. We then went and visited the Ballards because they have been having a rough time and helped bring some peace into their lives. We also tracted throughout out the day and found some great potentials and also found Agnus who we will be seeing this week.

Saturday we spent most of the Day doing allot of great service. We were able to get out and help the Pearman's, Robard's, and the Jones families. We also went and continued by helping Brother Toolan with allot of different things that needed to be done around the yard that he needed help with. That night we visited the Walker's who are being re-activated. They are doing well and it is great.

Sunday we had our normal meetings and had 4 investigators at church. Brother Dukes, Brother and Sister Gorby, and Chris. We also made a few calls and were able to set up appointments with Liz, Johnson's, Sister Ward, Steele's, and Brother Hunt. All of which are either investigators and less-active members. We had a fireside that night which Liz one of our investigators went to. It went really well and the spirit was so strong.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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