Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tyler Oct 19 2009


Thanks for the emails. I am sick of the white people around here with the Germans and Afrikaner's. They are ignorant people but they are making me more patient in my life. Our area mainly consists of large houses fenced with large electrical walls and fences. We have no townships to go to. We speak to a lot of people through their intercoms. The sin of apathy as I see around here and the world just continues to widespread. I had exchanges with Elder Louder from my transfer and we had a pretty nice day we were able to have some good lessons with visual aids that helped the people understand the primitive church of Jesus Christ. We taught Bro. Morroro and his wife Abigale who is a member with Elder and Sister Jones. He was stabbed in the hands a few weeks before I came but he seems like he healing up quite well. He is a teacher at a university and so I think being taught by a couple of young guys he is a little prideful about. We were able to clear his concerns about authority and so we hope we can resolve his issue with him being baptized in another church. He attends church just about every Sunday with his wife so through his faith and obedience he will someday be baptized. I often look at the many women who lead the church and a lot of the reasons this branch functions is because of them, their husbands are to prideful. We have been working with a girl name Vivi. She is from Angola and she is going to the University of Namibia here. She speaks mainly Portuguese and doesn't know English to well. She has such a great desire to learn but we are having a challenge since she can't understand English to well. There are a few people in the branch that speak Portuguese and we have brought Ozario with us frequently to help. I believe the greatest thing that we can do for her is get Sis. Mahitu who knows the gospel and Portuguese to befriend her. She has a copy of both the English and Portuguese Book of Mormon, so we hope we can help her more this week. On Saturday the zone had two baptisms which was really neat to see. Toini Amunyela and Loini Ndahalele they were very excited for the ordinance and they were very happy, since it had taken them years to make this step in their life. Toini Amunyelas sister and I actually went to the mtc with last year and she said her sister has been a great impact on her life so it was pretty cool to see. We hope to follow up with some good white families that we were able to see last week so I hope things go well. The only concern that I have is if the white people are a little racial since most of the branch is black, but if they develop a strong enough testimony it should not matter I just hope that we can find these people who will be strong members in the future. Tswhano continues to be a champion and so she is very excited I just wish all of our investigators were like her. Well this week should be pretty fun on Tuesday I get to on an exchange with Elder Cobia so it will be a lot of fun. The Book of Mormon is amazing I just wish more people would except it and read it and not shun away from it, and despise it as something not from God. Thanks a lot for the emails have a good week and send some pictures.
I love you very much.

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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