Monday, October 19, 2009

Regan, October 19, 2009

This week as been really great. Every evening after our service throughout the day I was exhausted and tired and really felt the great Joy of working hard and effective throughout the days. Whether or not success came abruptly or very slowly the Love was truly felt. This week we decided if we didn't have teaching appointments that the time we had open we would tract and show our love of serving the lord through the diligence of knocking on doors.

Monday we had a great opportunity to travel with the Ward Mission leader in the 2nd ward Brother Beattie and went and toured a few gunships at Hurlburt Field and a few other things on P-day. We came back and started with some service at about 4 for some less actives who have been struggling and there was great ward support. We immediately then went to a lesson with Liz. We discussed Obedience and Baptism and committed her to continue to read and pray. We asked her to specifically pray to know if Baptism is the next step for her. She has been attending seminary a few times a week with friends. We then had dinner with Holly Tew and family.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. We were able to Role play teaching which really prepared us for some situations that we ended up having. Immediately after we tracted Sikes, Tyner, and Hampton drives and we talked with Roger, Kelly, and Maria. We were able to set up return appointments with all 3 of them. We traveled and visited Brother Brant and helped him with a few things. We then went and continued to tract on the same streets and were able to talk to many of the Lords children. That night Brother Von Jones and I went on a split and visited Jody and Tina Johnson. We had a great visit and answered some concerns they had as we were reading in the Book of Mormon. They are less-active and have strong desires to go to the temple.

Wednesday we started the day by tracting near a less active members home and didn't have any success. I was just happy being out there and serving the Lord even if it was just knocking on doors. We had lunch with some part member families in the 2nd and 1st ward who are related and were able to talk with Clyde who we had previously been teaching. We went and discussed with Curtis and Vanessa the Restoration and asked them how they felt but they didn't open up to much. They have been busy because they will be moving soon. We then went and tracted on Candlewood ln. and part of Lake st. We talked to a few people we had contacted around before and had a few promising results but no return appointments. Later that night Elder Barlow and I went out with Brother Shepard and visited the Taylor's, Dunn's, and the Meek's families. We have set up to teach the Taylor's the lessons.

Thursday we went to the Wood's and taught Brother Wood a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. He was not very receptive so we decided that it was time to drop him and we are going to let him know that this week. We then went to a few appointments which ended up falling through so we continued to tract Forrest ct, and lake dr. We talked to some great people and had some great discussions but weren't able to set up appointments. We then went and planned for the day because of everything that we had going on and that went well. We had dinner at the Hatch's and they are a part-member family. I then went on trade-offs with Brother Wing and visited Sister Monte and tried to visit President Hill but he was working at the time.

Friday we had an appointment with Jo but she had an emergency that came up so we visited the Hutchins and made sure that they were doing alright and to see if they needed anything. We traveled to the Fehlman's and split more wood and it was great because of the cooler weather. We discussed Joseph Smith - Mathew with Brother Fehlman. We stopped by Devon Brown's home who is a recent convert of the Sister and had been struggling but we were not able to get a hold of him. We visited the Royce family and they are doing pretty good. They are getting ready for Maeson's birthday party this coming Saturday. We had dinner with the Seager's which was good and we will be taking a Spanish Book of Mormon to Brother Seager to give to a friend. We stopped by the Walkers quickly to see how they were doing and invited them to church.

Saturday we traveled to Paxton. At 10:30 President Miller came up and he and Elder Barlow went and visited less actives, while Elder Jensen and I tracted around the main city of Paxton. We talked to a few people that said to come back but didn't get any return appointments. We left and traveled back to the Royce's house to do some service to help them get ready for Maeson's party. We finished the night and visited the Parson's and have set up to teach them the Lesson also.

Sunday we had our normal meetings with correlation and church. The Gorby's came to church with their grandson and we also had Junior to church as well. We then left church and visited with the Royce family and discussed a few scriptures. We had Lunch with the Coleman's and then traveled with no time to spare and visited the Devine family. Brother Devine is a perspective Elder and they are working their way to go to the temple. We immediately traveled to Brother Junior Dukes home and taught him about Tithing and Fasting. It went really well and he committed to doing those things. We came back to the apartment for dinner and talked with a neighbor about the church and answered some questions that he had.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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