Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tyler Sep 28 2009

goie mora,
good morning,

Well it sounds like you had a good week. This week hasn't been to bad. we are still in Somerset West just helping the Somerset Elders. Elder Hajarijoana and I are still waiting for our visas to come and I have a feeling I might be in Somerset West for some time I wish I could go back to Hermanus. Elders that have gone to Namibia have waited almost the whole transfer sometimes for visas to come. Things are going well though. We are in a small boarding in Sommerset with the four of us here. The area is huge that we cover and this week we have tried to get more of a teaching pool so all four of us can stay busy all of the time. We basically have half the area of Somerset West and also the town of Stellonbosch to cover. Somerset West area is considered one of the wealthiest parts of the whole cape so it makes white area tracting more difficult. We have mainly been working with the coloured people in Maccassar. It is a rougher part of town but through being guided we can find the prepared people who will hear our message. In Stellonbosch we have mainly been working in the township of Khaymandi and working amongst the coloreds. a lot of people in Stellonbosch are either retired or university students so we don't spend much time in the commercialized area. It is great to be able to work with the recent converts of the ward and see how they are converted to the atonement in their lives. Brother Delouw is a champion. He used to be a Muslim but he has been forsaken by his family and friends to be apart of the Church of Jesus Christ. He doesn't have a job or anything to do so he stays home and reads church literature. He works with us quite often to help us teach the people in the area. This upcoming week we will have zone conference where we will learn how to set goals to help benefit the people in our areas and how we can use our time more effectively in Somerset West chapel. well I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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