Monday, September 28, 2009

Regan September 28, 2009

This week has been very Interesting with Elder Barlow getting sick but also seeing that the work will continue to Endure through anything that my be thrown in our way.

On Monday we had a great p-day getting prepared for a few lessons that we had that night. I went to the Corbin's home and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom. We also committed her to pray to Know if baptism is the next step for her. Elder Barlow and Jensen went and visited another couple and less actives that lived close to them.

On Tuesday we traveled to Defuniak and had a great district meeting. I received some great direction. As we traveled back we tried to visit all the less actives on the way back and we were able to talk with few of them. We then went to the Royce's home and talked with the kids and read a bit of scriptures with them and continued to encourage them to read and pray every night. We then went to the Toolans to get a few things so we could prepare for our splits that night. We all split of and visited 7 different less active families in the 2nd ward.

On Wednesday we started off by seeing Misty in the Hospital because she had some complications with some medicine that she had been taking. We then went and visited Sister Thompson and had a great visit. Elder Barlow started to feel a little under the weather so we let him sleep and just made calls and set up appointments. We did on a few trade offs later that night and were able to visit a few more less active families in both wards and had great success with them.

On Thursday Elder Barlow was still not feeling well so we planned and I spent about 4 hours making calls before we took him into the Doctors. We then tried to get him to get his X ray but they had already closed so when we were getting his medicine at Walmart we contacted a little bit.

On Friday he hadn't improved so we took him to Doctor Roberts office and then we took him to the Hospital and got him admitted. That night we went on Trade-offs and Elder Jensen went and visited the Angeles family, while Elder Tolley, Anderson, and I went to Brother Phillips home for his Baptismal Interview.

On Saturday we started the Day of with Brother Phillips Baptism which went well and the spirit was so strong at the service. We immediately left to do service at the Fehlman's. Sister Fehlman is doing allot better and she was out walking around again. We followed that with a visit to the Sheets and mowed her grass and cleaned our her garage. We then visited Misty and she is doing allot better. After we went and visited Elder Barlow in the Hospital and took him up a few things.

On Sunday we had our normal meeting with the ward leaders and had a great time at church hearing all the little kids bear such a sweet, pure, and powerful testimonies. Oh how amazing they truly are. We had 5 investigators at church and were able to get an appointment set up with the Gorby's so we will be teaching them on Wednesday. We went and taught Brother Howe and his Sister the Restoration. They are less active members. We then split of and visited the Devine's and also taught Junior Dukes about the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. We then had dinner with the Mozina's and went and administered the sacrament to Elder Barlow.

Hey if you could please put Elder Michael Barlow's name on the Prayer Roll at the Temples that would be great.

Love Y'all
Elder Regan Hansen

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