Monday, September 14, 2009

Regan September 14, 2009

This week has been the most spiritual and growing week that I feel that I have had so far on my mission.

On Monday we delivered a referral for a Book of Mormon to Yolanda Jones. We then went and taught Brother Wood the Restoration which went good. We then went and taught Ben and Mekala the Restoration and it went well. We then had dinner with Bishop Roberts and the White family. We have a really good friendship with their families.

On Tuesday we had our P-day last week because of the Holiday. That night we went on splits with Bishop Price and Brother Perry and visited 5 different less active families.

On Wednesday we had District Meeting which was a very great strengthening tool. We visited Sister Gray and helped her with some service. We then visited the Hansen's to see how Bennita was doing to see when they wanted us to teach her again. I went on splits with Brother Beattie and visited the Lemasters and the Hutchins who are both less active families.

On Thursday we began planning and set some really good goals that were definitely going to test us. We went to visit Trudy but she was not home so we went to visit a few less actives. That night we had activity night and we had great ward support and 3 non-members there.

On Friday we had the Opportunity to have Elder Gonzalez of the 70 come and direct us in matters of support. I received some great things that I have now began to apply in my life now. We went to the Walker family and did service and continued to get everything planned for Maeson's baptism.

On Saturday we went over to the Fehlman's and helped chop up wood as service. We then discussed Abraham 2 & 3 and answered questions that he had. We went and taught Brother Wood again and discussed temple blessings and they had some great questions. That night Maeson's Baptism went great. The spirit was strong and everything just went through so well.

On Sunday I had the Opportunity to Confirm Maeson and the experience left me with the strongest testimony of the 2nd part of the Baptismal ordinance. After church we went and visited with the Tew family and visited some other less active members. Elder Jensen and I went to a fireside that the 2nd ward was having about missionary work. We received a new investigator Liz there and also found out some great news that Brother Phillips will be getting Baptized in 2 weeks.

This week has been so great and I found out that I am able to stay here in Crestview for another 6 weeks and it is going to be awesome.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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