Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tyler Sept 14 2009

Hello family,

Sorry I didn’t write last week I was kind of frustrated with how the week went. I just get tired of all the lies and rejection we receive each day it gets old fast. I am grateful for the Beals though they have been a blessing in my life while I have been here and we continue to help each other through different circumstances to help us through the difficult times of being depressed. I understand that the hard times just make someone stronger. I have grown a lot in Hermanus by relying on Heavenly Father. Hermanus is far away from everyone else and the challenges we encounter are different in there own unique way. Member referrals aren’t working very well in the area but we have continued to have good success in the dvd handouts finding faith in Christ and families can be together forever. We have been able to see many people change their hearts because of these dvds and message of the restoration. This week we had Sebuleles baptism, it was great to see that he made the decision in his life to make this choice by asking Heavenly Father in prayer and receiving a specific answer from his specific question. I had the privilege of talking at the occasion, and we didn’t have another flood. Sebuleles uncle Wellington baptized him and it was a goal we wanted to see because of the example that Wellington has portrayed on his nephew Sebu. It is great for me because I have been able to teach him all the lessons to baptisms and witness his growth. We found two great guys this week from Malawie and I can just tell by the way they speak and their interest in the gospel that they will be baptized in the near future. Their names are Rolex and Charles, they are brothers who both have the desire to know more. We have tried to find more success in the white areas of Hermanus like West Cliff and North Cliff, but it is just a matter of finding the prepared people by being guided by the spirit of where to go. When a missionary brings up the word Joseph Smith or Book of Mormon all the interest of the person just shuts off, but it is great when you can enter into a white persons home and share a message with them. Because of racial issues of the africaans people, many of the black Elders have a hard time entering the homes ,which I have seen with Elder Manuwere since he has been here with us. There are a few homes that we haven’t been able to go into since Elder Manuwere has been with us. He is a great missionary though and teaches excellent despite the racial problems. I am grateful for the prayers of the many people you can truly see they help when in doubt. Well this week is looking a lot better and for us. We have many appointments and also transfers are this week. I am hoping I will get to stay here for six months even though it is sometimes difficult.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Love Elder Tyler Hansen

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