Monday, September 21, 2009

Regan September 21, 2009

Monday was a really great day. Not only it being p-day but that night we were able to have a lesson with Regan and Liz. We taught the Restoration and how to mark the promises in the Book Of Mormon. They both caught on really quick and were excited about the promises that it had to offer. We then went and visited Brother Sanders our ward mission leader in the 1st ward. We discussed ways to involve the members and really focused on a direction on how to best have stronger unity with the leaders.

Tuesday we traveled to Defuniak Springs for district meeting. We did a few role plays and really were able to prepare ourselves for later on in the day with the appointments we had. That night I went with Brother Cooksey to his house to teach Brother Phillips about temples and go over the Baptismal Interview questions. He will be getting baptized this Saturday and it is exciting. He is very focused on the next step of going to the temple and being sealed.

Wednesday we went to transfer spots to see Elder Gudmundson off and meet Elder Tolley's new companion. We then went and tracted in an apartment complex and found 2 great people. We set up an appointment with both Jamie and Billie. We then went to the Royce's home and did some service and helped with some Yard work. We went over to the Corbin's home and had an amazing Plan of Salvation lesson. The spirit directed us to pray with her and the spirit was there very strongly. We are considering committing her to baptism shortly.

Thursday we planned and got 7 appointments set up with Investigators and less active members. We will now be splitting 3 ways this coming Tuesday so we can go and teach all of the appointments and we have great ward support with the High Priests. We had dinner with the Seager family and then went to activity night and there were 4 non-members there.

Friday the morning time was slow because I went to Doctor Roberts for a visit. We then went and visited the Baker family in the 1st ward who are a less active-part member family. We shared a great message our of 3 Nephi 11 on the verses we have been studying lately and we are hoping that instills a desire with Terenzio to want to learn more. We had a lesson with Brittany and it went well. We taught and then watched the Restoration DVD. That night her and the Toolan family watched the Testaments DVD with 2 other non-member friends.

Saturday we traveled to the Fehlman's and chopped some wood up for about 30 minutes then we discussed Abraham 4-5 with him. It has been great being able to read and study in the Pearl of Great Price with him. We then went with Brother Beattie and helped Sister Rodgers move into her new home. We had dinner with the Harrison family which was great and we are happy that Sister Harrison is coming back to church and fired up about her new calling in Family History.

Sunday we had 4 investigators at church and 2 of them came for the 1st time. The Coopers called us on Saturday and said they found our pass-a-long card with our number on it and called to see if we could get them for church. We got them a ride and we also set up an appointment to teach them today. Misty Royce and Junior Dukes were also at church. That afternoon we taught Junior Dukes about Repentance and Baptism. He is progressing well and he picked out his day to get baptized on December 31, so we are keeping weekly contact to make sure he is still reading and growing so he does not fall away from his goal. We had dinner with Brother Breen who is less-active and met his girlfriend Megan. We will be teaching her in the future which is exciting.
This week had been really great. We had our short comings, but we were able to work through them together and become better in the Service of our Lord.

Love Y'all

Elder Regan Hansen

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