Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Regan September 8, 2009

This week has been really fun and as I have continued to Strive for Exact Obedience the power has been so real.

Monday after P-day we went over to Sister Sheets house and we had the opportunity to administer a blessing to her before she went into surgery. She is less-active and I know that this blessing could help change that. We then went to the Royce home and gave Misty's brother and Kevin a blessing. Kevin is switching to some new medicine and the Doctors are taking a few tests so him and house mom wanted comfort and direction from the Lord.

Tuesday we spent the start of our day in Baker dropping off a referral and we then went and tracted. We talked with Patricia and she is interested in the stop smoking program so we will follow up with her. We then went to the Bernier's home and administered a blessing to Sister Bernier because she just had surgery on her foot and she hasn't been doing to well. We also gave Sister Gray a blessing because she has been feeling very tired and ill lately. Elder Jensen and I then went with Elder Smith tracting and talked with a great lady but she was really busy at the time. I went on trade-offs with Brother Lesher and visited a few less active families.

Wednesday we started the day off at District Meeting and it went great. I really do feel that the Missionaries the I am serving around are striving to be the Best preach my gospel missionaries. We stopped by Telisha house and talked with her a minute to see how she was doing and then went and visited Napitre and taught a first lesson. We then went and talked with Dexter Marchman and offered service and we helped him on Saturday with planting trees and trimming shrubs.

Thursday we started the Day and really planned and set some goals that were going to stretch us. We talked with Trudy and set up an appointment with her for later this week. We visited the Woods and offered service. We then had dinner with the Koester family. Chris was there who is Erin's non-member boyfriend. We have been teaching him with her but she has now left for BYU-Hawaii. We then had activity night and there were 5 non-members there.

Friday we went over to Sister Toolans and called ward members and invited them to the day of service that the ward does the 1st Saturday of each month. It went well and we were able to call and invite many member both active and less-active. That night we had dinner with the Horst family and invited them to fast this Sunday to know who they could best help become acquainted to the church.

Saturday was a service day with no room for breaks. We ended up doing service for 9 families when we were doing it as the 2nd ward service day and then we went and helped 3 other families that we had scheduled with. We helped the Fehlmans, Dexter Marchman, and the Angeles family. I enjoyed every minute of service because I made sure that I was in the right attitude to really Love those whom I served. It felt great working hard to help everyone and I know the Lord was grateful for the service we rendered. We then had dinner and they invited 3 investigators over with there families and it went great. We had a great time and the spirit of friendship was strong.

Sunday we had 3 investigators at church but we are working hard on inviting everyone to come. We had a few appointments fall through for the day but were able to find less actives and members to visit before dinner. We went to the Nelson's home for dinner. We then went to the Royce home for our Nightly family prayer and only Kevin was there but we pressed forward and had a great prayer with him.

I am so grateful for the the Restored Gospel and the power of the Priesthood. I have never felt so blessed as I was this week in being able to administer blessings. My testimony has been strengthened so much and my faith has been increased because I felt the influence of the spirit on each and every blessing and it brought peace and comfort into the depths of my soul.

Love Y'All

Elder Regan Hansen

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