Monday, August 31, 2009

Tyler Aug 31 2009

Sorry last week something happened with the computer so I wasn’t able to send it. Well if your going to ask how the week went it was pretty rough. I'm just trying to be optimistic about life. Our golden investigator who we have set a baptismal date for the 13th, came intoxicated to our last appointment. We have taught him all the lessons but with the Xhosa traditions they believe in worshipping their ancestors. He has grown up this way and sacrificing animals so there ancestors can take them to god, is what he continues to believe. The date obviously will be postponed. Even though many miracles have happened in his life from reading the Book of Mormon he continues to believe in the traditions of his fathers. We committed him to take it to God and pray sincerely to know if the things we teach him are true. The eternal principal of agency is what he must learn and use wisely, it is sad to see but many people are not acting for themselves but being acted upon. Pray for him that he can find an answer. Pray for the Beals family as well. We had a fast with them this past week to help them find job opportunities and good health for their baby. They have been one the great blessings in my life for being in Hermanus. Please if you will, call the missionaries and feed them something cheap this week or next and give them referrals. After zone conference last week Elder Burridge and I received the call that Elder Manuwere will be with us as well. He came from Mdantsane but he is from Zimbabwe so we are in a threesome. I like it for the most part but it is very tight quarters and hard to be on time to appointments. We have been pretty sick this last week but we are better now. A lot of people who we come in contact with have been sick but it is just part of the end of the winter. How is the family doing? Send some pictures.
Well tell me how things are going? Always doing well no matter what things are tossed at us, just have to smile at the times. It will be a blessing in my life. Love you very much-

Elder Tyler Hansen

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