Monday, August 17, 2009

Tyler Aug 17 2009

Hello family,

Whats happening around in Utah? Well this week has been pretty good, it has had its ups and downs but it has been well. We have found a lot of new investigators this week since the excuses are getting old. We were able to find 12 new investigators this past week. Our golden investigator is Sibulele Ntida and we have good news that he wants to be baptized on the 13th of September, with the time that we have, it will help us to teach him clearly so he understands everything. He has grown remarkably since I have known him and he has experienced miracles in his life from reading the book of mormon and praying. He is originally from King Williams town and he came from some rough places but Awonke his cousin is taking him underneath his wing. Through his prayers he is going far and a couple weeks ago he was able to find a landscaping job in Voeklip where all the holiday homes are located. He loves to read the book of mormon and has a great interest of learning more about the gospel. The mormon helping hands is coming up this Saturday and we look forward to attending that. President Mackinnon’s son will be teaching some of the kids who are in townships how to preserve the waste of their food to use for compost. President Mackinnon is a master gardener and he hopes it will help these people, to grow there own food and use the food that they waste that is laying on the roads. It is going to be in Stanford and there is going to an estimate of about 70 kids at the project. It is an African wide project but this is what particularly the Hermanus branch will be doing. This winter has been unusually warm for the most part but Hermanus is getting more packed as time is getting closer to the whale festival. The whale festival lasts for a few days but will give us the opportunity to speak to people from all across the world. A couple of weeks ago their was kids in high school from England who was watching the whales. Portia was able to be transferred to the Hoosta hospital which was good news for her but we must now find another place to do our family home evenings. We are leaving today to travel up to Kyalitcha to stay at the zone leaders place for the upcoming zone conference tomorrow. My trainer Elder Sheasby is one of the A.P.s now so I will be able to see him since I was trained. Today Elder Burridge and I are buying a dog annoyer, we are getting tired of the township dogs chasing us around. The south African dogs are not small either they eat raw meat for their meals.

Well hope you have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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