Monday, August 17, 2009

Regan August 17, 2009

On Monday we went and visited Sister Nitsche in the Hospital. She seems to be doing a bit better and is able to start to eat a little bit. We then went and visited a few members and got appointments set up at their house later on in the week.

On Tuesday we had District meeting here and we had some great role plays that Elder Tolley had us do. We have started to try and use them when sharing a message with members. We tracted on Skyline Drive with Elder Brian from Niceville. We had some great contact but no one was interested at this time. Later we had splits with the High Priests. Elder Barlow and I went with Brother Horst and visited Martin and also Gavin and he accepted the Book of Mormon that we gave him.

On Wednesday we went to Sister Woods and did service at her house for about an hour. We then went to the Toolan's home and taught Ben and Regan the Restoration and it was great. Ben was very attentive and was excited to learn more. We then talked with Brother Bond for a a minute and he brought us over some food. We then went and visited Brother Hutchins and he has started smoking again so we will continue to work with him.

On Thursday we started off the day planning because we were not able to do service because it got rained out. We then went and visited less actives and visited Dexter Marchman. He came to church last week and enjoyed it. We were able to answer all of his questions he had. We then went to activity night and talked with a few investigators that came.

On Friday we visited Sister Nitsche and she is doing really good. We then went and tracted and stopped and talked with the Drysdale family and chase is doing really good. We will hopefully be able to go to his house and talk with his family. They are planning on coming back to church when his dad gets back from his business trip. We then spent another couple of hours tracting and talked with a couple of great people that we are hopefully going to be able to go back and visit them. We then went and talked with the Kimball's and will be visiting them in a few weeks when he gets back. We also visited the Sheets family. They are having allot of family problems and we keep them in our prayers daily.

On Saturday we did service all day at it went really well. We were able to help other accomplish things that they have been hoping to do for weeks. We had dinner with the Colvin family. They are really great. We then visited Brother Sheets in the 2nd ward and also talked with Martin and he wanted to come to church.

On Sunday we had 9 investigators at church in the wards. We had also allot of less actives that we have been inviting and other ward members. We also got an appointment set up with Junior Dukes and he wants to get baptized. His wife has been a member for years and he just told us that he wanted to get baptized. It is way awesome and was kind of a shock at the same time. We visited a few less actives that live close and found out that 3 of them have moved so that really helped the ward out. We had dinner at the Mozina's home and then went and gave Sister Thomas a blessing because she has been feeling under the weather.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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