Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tyler Aug 3 2009

This letter will be short, we are going to help the Beals on a project in Sandbaii with helping paint a home. Things are still going quite slow for their business, but the few projects they have this month will help keep food on their table. This week went really well. Lungiswas and Cokiswas confirmation went good to. Transfer week is this week. Thomas Pechen got back from his latest trip and we look forward to teaching and helping him this week. We hope to set a goal for him that he can be baptized soon and then receive the Aaronic Priesthood to baptize his son Benjamin who is turning 8 in December. Pray for him if you would. He has come a long way and We are looking at a potential of about 4 baptisms by Oct-Nov. We also look forward to helping Class Pheiry put in doors in his home this week. We have many great appointments this week to help our investigators keep progressing and to help them along. hope all is well. have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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