Monday, August 10, 2009

Regan, August 10, 2009

Monday started of real well with our studies and really trying to get down into a better system. That way we will more effectively be taught by the spirit and be better prepared for each and every new day. We received a call and we were able to administer a blessing to Sister Nitshce. She has been having some complications. Her faith is very strong and she has such determination and Love even with her trials of being blind.

Tuesday we had district meeting in Defuniak. It went real well and we were able to look over and discuss some of the new things for this upcoming Zone Conference. We visited Marty and he is doing well and has now committed to the stop-smoking program that we will be teaching him this coming week. I am very excited that he is willing to take this step. We had dinner at Patriarch Hansen's home and it was great. We then went on trade offs and visited with a few less actives and set up appointments for the next week.

Wednesday we had transfers and we split up and some of us went tracting and others went and talked with others. We did not have any success but our desires were there. We then went and tracted and as we stopped at the road we had some great divine intervention. As we were walking to our first house to knock Martin walked out and asked us to come back later that week to teach him. I knew that God directed us specifically to him that day. We also found Julius but his parents told us no when we called back yesterday to see if the appointment with his family was still good. We then went on splits and Elder Jensen and I went to a less active member and they needed some help putting some stuff together.

Thursday we planned and figured out some goals that would be good but would still stretch us. We then went and did service for the Fehlmans and discussed in Moses 6 after. We also helped the Sheets with some service.

Friday we went and finished tracting all of the street by Martin and that area and we found Henry and Gavin. We have appointments set up with them and are looking forward about teaching them the Gospel. We went on trade-offs and visited more less actives with member and it went real well.

Saturday we started of with service and helped members and non-members who were struggling at that time. I felt such a great peace as I was able to give Christ like service to our fellow brothers and sisters. We visited less actives for the rest of the day and we ended up with 3 of those families coming to church the next day.

Sunday we had 3 less active families and church and 2 of them being part member families. It was exciting to see the spirit touching their hearts as they were there. We then went on trade-offs and Elder Barlow went and taught Martin with Brother Beattie. We visited Misty and her family and talked with them and also with Brother Hutchins who is struggling really bad at this time. We are trying to set up a pattern in their lives of better daily scripture study so they can have the spirit stronger in their lives.

This week has been really great and the Lord has continued to lead us even at times everything was falling through.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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